Plantar fasciitis is a chronic condition that needs a lot of treatment for it to be set right. Even after many treatment options have been tried, many people do not become completely cured. These people who have tried various treatment options can also have an exacerbation of the condition if the plantar fascia is stretched again.

It is well known that the plantar fascia is the structure that gets injured most commonly and this injury causes the area to be swollen up and the presence of pain compounds the problem. This situation is called as plantar fasciitis. There are various treatment options that are available for the condition to become better. The main goals of the treatment are to make sure that the main is reduced and then the function of the person increases. Normal walking is not possible in the acute stage after the injury. This also needs to be overcome with the treatment.

The main treatment that is provided for the patient as soon as the injury occurs is the placement of ice. This helps to reduce the pain and the swelling and starts the healing process. The main long term treatment of the pain and the loss of function is to modify the shoes that are being worn by the affected person.

An assessment of the foot of the person who has suffered pain in the plantar fascia will show that the foot is excessively pronated. This means that the foot is turned outwards more than it normally should be. This can lead to severe pain and the plantar fascia may also be stretched more than what should be the normal stretch. This overstretching and the damage to the plantar fascia can be prevented by the use of shoes that have insoles. The insoles should be made to order according to the size of the foot and the type of the foot.
The use of these kind of shoes will prevent the foot from becoming stretched too much. The shoes also need to be made from material that is soft and creates a cushion for the foot.
If the shoe is hard, then it can lead to further problems by causing excessive pressure on the foot.

is another simple method that will help to prevent worsening of the foot problems. It will also help to cure the existing pain that has occurred due to the plantar fasciitis. The taping is done with athletic tape. The tape is usually applied by the health professional. The application should be in the right method as the foot will be damaged in any wrong application of the tape. The foot taping is also called as foot strapping and it has to be removed in the night. Wearing it during the day will prevent excessive movement of the foot. The foot has to have open air coming over it in the night and so the tape is removed at night.

Plantar fasciitis socks is another method of healing the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. The socks usually have an arch support that is incorporated into it. As the socks are worn, the foot is supported well by the cushioning provided by the socks.
Though all these methods are used in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, a single method may be enough in some people. In others, in spite of most of these treatments, the pain may still persist as the pain depends on the healing of the plantar fascia.

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