In this article we'll discuss about the seven ways to prevent urban pests with simple attitudes and homemade recipes. They are quick tips but very helpful tips to keep your house hygiene. Remember that a house free of pests is a matter of hygiene and health for you and your family.

The Prevention

1st Prevention - General Care
A clean and organized space are important. Avoid at all costs to leave dirty dishes on the sink and eating on the bedrooms. Urban pests depend on us to live. We always give them the three things they need the most: Shelter, water and food. We can provide these through keeping humid places in the houses, rests of food, sewers and garbage.

Another important issue is to cover any cracks on the walls to avoid the invasion of ants and other insects. You should always remember to do this in light switches, doors and windows. The insects are used to pass through these places. To avoid little flies in the bathroom the ideal thing is to have drains that you can close and open easily when necessary, so you keep them open only during shower.

2nd Prevention
It is normal to forget about urban pests when we don't actually see them, but you must not forget how important is to have a preventive control, specially in cities that have long periods of dry weather. During the heat and rainy weather the pests are more evident. Preventive control lessens the chance of bad surprises during the rainy season.

3rd Prevention - Food closets, pantries and garbage disposal.
Do take the care to keep food in high places. You should avoid to use fruit bowls and other food bowls near the floor. The best is to keep everything in closed cabinets, without cracks and humidity to difficult the entrance of bugs.

Don't buy garbage dumps that don't have a tight cover and prefer those of automatic closure. Tight garbage inside dumps don't attract insects.

4th Prevention - Dengue Mosquitoes
Everybody knows that you must not leave still water hanging around, right? And another good tip is to use the rests of coffee on the plants vase. It's not a definite solution or makes it completely safe, but it helps to keep the mosquitoes away.

5th Prevention - Keeping the cockroaches away
An interesting curiosity about cockroaches is that they sleep during daylight and only wake up after four hours without light. That's why you usually see them when doing your midnight snack, or when you arrive late at night at home. Leaving the lights on won't help you to eliminate or control these terrible guests, but can keep you scare free when you arrive late at your place.

6th Prevention - Repellents and Homemade Repellents
There are many home recipes to draw away bugs, and most of them really work. The citronella candles are a great tip, they repel all kinds of insects, and are very effective in those days that mosquitoes are bugging you.

Some plants keep insects away and are very common on houses, such as Indian Clove and bay leaves and of course the already cited citronella. You can easily find online a simple recipe of a homemade repellent that combines Indian Clove, alcohol and baby lotion. Search just a little and you'll find outstanding recipes.

7th Prevention - Supermarket Poison
Spray poisons sold directly to the end-user don't have a residual effect, that means it doesn't last for several days. Another problem is the fact that you'll always inhale a little of it, that is not good for your health, even though most of the products don't have any smell.

Since they don't have the residual effect, those products can't be recommended for a preventive control. You'll also find baits in the form of gel being sold on supermarkets, but you should know that they have lower effectiveness than the professional ones that specialized pest control companies have. They have lower attractiveness as a bait, dry faster and most of them don't have the chain effect found in the professional line. But as a simple prevention method they're ok.

There's a market reserve for the pest control companies of professional products more suitable for ultimate pest control and must be handled by professional care.

All these tips works as temporally solutions against urban pests, but as you may have realized, all of them take your time and money and even need to be carefully studied to be effective while handling.

When you do the math a professional pest control service ends up being more practical and economical than to produce or buy repellents, keeping your lights on, buying candles, expose yourself to sprays of poison bought on supermarkets.

House prevention is not always effective and when proven so its time to call for professionals. If you liked this article, or have any suggestion, write an email to us. We hope that the article was helpful to you.

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- Andre Such

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