There are many kinds of antibiotics that have been used for various kinds of infection. There are some diseases that cannot be given any antibiotics because the disease could be caused by a virus. The virus cannot be treated by any use of antibiotics. This is because the virus will not be affected by the antibiotics. Only the bacteria will be killed by the antibiotics.

There are many people who try to take all kinds of antibiotics to get over all sorts of infections. Though they are sure that the infection is not due to bacteria, people use antibiotics, just to be on the safer side. This is a wrong attitude that people have. The best method of using drugs is to make sure that the person decides on the right kind of bacteria that is the cause of the disease before the antibiotics are used.

There are various methods in which the excessive and unwanted use of antibiotics causes the person to suffer. These aspects are all listed here.

1. Immunity is lowered:

As the rampant use of various kinds of antibiotics is used, they cause the immunity of the person to be lowered to a great deal. The reason for this is that as more and more antibiotics are used, the body gets accustomed o all of them .So the next time when the same infection occurs in the person, the bacteria that causes the infection mutates and it is now genetically different that it does not get affected by the medication that used to kill it before. This is the reason for the various bacteria becoming resistant to some kinds of antibiotics. To prevent this problem, it is very important to prevent the rampant use of various antibiotics.

2. Diseases are more severe:

The disease that affects the person will be more severe as it is not treated by the antibiotics. There are many people who have some mild forms of the diseases that can be cured without the antibiotics, but many people use these strong drugs for the simple problem. It is like using a atom bomb to destroy an aircraft! So as the loads of drugs are used for the cure of a simple problem, it leads to severe problems including worsening of signs and a lot of severe problems.

3. Fatalities:

As the person does not respond to various groups of antibiotics because f the drug resistance, it leads to very severe forms of infection. There are many people who suffer from septicemia because the infection spreads to the blood. Once septicemia starts, there is very little chance of the person being cured. The final stages may be that there is no response to any of the drugs, the person will suffer from various organ failures. As the infection becomes worse, the organs stop functioning one after the other and finally the person dies.

These are the severe complications that occur as the person does not use the antibiotics properly. These complications include death in some cases where the resistance is severe. So, a person should be very careful in the duration for which the antibiotics are used. Other than that, the person may also suffer if the combination of antibiotics is used against a simple bacterial infection. If adequate care in the use of antibiotics is present, then all these problems can be prevented.

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