As soon as we step out of our house, we are exposed to some kind of environmental pollution. There are many hazardous toxic substances and allergens in the environment which can be the risk factors of many illnesses. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used for farming has been also a worrying factor which can lead to accumulation of toxins in our body via food. Many hazardous chemicals like lead, arsenic or mercury are the waste products of many industries. People working in heavy metal industries are exposed to various toxins on regular basis. Hence, there are a number of means by which we are exposed to toxic substances in one way or the other. Toxins are also responsible for various illnesses like allergies, respiratory infections, asthma, digestive disorders, mental illness and also cancers. So, many people feel that detoxification can be very beneficial for our body to eliminate our body toxins and rejuvenate our body for overall good health.

Medical experts do not really feel the necessity of detoxification as our body has a natural mechanism of removing toxins and waste products. Toxins are naturally eliminated from our body from liver, bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs. Detoxification is necessary when the natural mechanism is disturbed. Some detoxication techniques are found to activate the natural mechanism. People with unhealthy eating habits, long term stress or over eating, regular exposing of heavy metals (occupational hazard) can be prone to various illnesses. Sedentary lifestyle, poor health habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or digestive disorder like intestinal toxaemia can perhaps cause more accumulation of toxins in the body and hence detoxification becomes essential. This method has been widely used in alternative method of medicine from the ancient time as a part of the healing process. Traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine, this method has been used as a part of the healing process to cure certain chronic illnesses. Even though, there is no scientific proof, people still believe in this method of healing and has been widely used. Body cleansing or detoxification of body is done using various methods like fasting as dietary restriction, using detox diet, colon cleansing, sweating therapy and chelation therapy (using chemical to stimulate high urine volume). Many Spas and beauty clinics use different devices to remove toxins from the body as well. These devices to what extend, they are beneficial, are still not known. But it is important to use them under proper guidance of the Experts. Sweating therapy using saunas and therapeutic bath has proved to be very beneficial as skin releases lot of our body toxins. Food with plenty of consumption of water, fruits and leafy vegetables has been used as a part of the detox diet. Diet which comprises of high fibres and herbs are found to be beneficial. Fasting method can be helpful but too much of fasting and dieting can be harmful to the body from the nutrition point of view. So this should be done under proper supervision. Body therapy like message therapy has been found to improve blood circulation. Methods like colon cleansing using enemas or herbs and chelation techniques when used, should be under proper guidance of Experts as these can be potentially very dangerous.

People who suffer frequently from allergies, chronic illnesses, heavy metal poisoning (occupation hazard) or other pollution related sickness (like skin or hair problems) should approach a Detoxification Expert. These Experts are usually Physicians with special knowledge on environmental medicine or Experts of alternative medicine. A Detoxication expert or a therapist does special screening of the patient using different tests like hypersensitivity test, analysis of hair and laboratory tests of blood, urine and stool. After diagnosing the underlying cause, they prescribe the specific therapy accordingly. Many people around the globe have been benefited by the different detoxication methods. So, it has become very popular in today's time.

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