Depression can be caused by many factors and is an unfortunate mental condition to develop. However, people suffering from depression should take comfort in the fact that there are treatments available that can counter this mental disorder. Holistic treatment offers a variety of techniques that can effectively start a person on the road to recovery and not only deal with depression but also negative, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

Holistic Treatment - What is it?

Holistic treatment treats the person as a whole. It is primarily based on Systems Theory - which states that anything done to one part of the body will consequentially affects all other parts. By utilizing holistic treatment, it is likely that the patient will also experience healing in other areas as well. There are certain strategies that must be implemented in order to properly treat depression using holistic treatment.

Emotional Freedom Technique - Safe Holistic Treatment:

This revolutionary method of healing entails applying pressure or finger taps to various pressure points on the upper body. This technique can be self administered if it must. The method is safe, and easy to learn. More importantly, it directly shifts the brain and nervous system to quickly eliminate self-destructive negative thoughts and unresolved emotional traumas. These are known to cause depression.

Holistic Massage Therapy - Rest and Relaxation:

The body needs to be at peace along with the mind in order to reduce depression. Hence proper rest and adequate relaxation is vital. Relaxation therapies such as massage therapy and acupuncture help lower blood pressure and improve brain function thereby alleviating depression. Self administered techniques are also effective such as yoga and breathing exercises.

Holistic Exercise - A Daily Requirement:

Proper exercise is very important for every person regardless of age. It is even more crucial for people suffering from depression. Daily exercise such as yoga keeps the stress hormones in balance and also regulates sleep patterns and promotes rest. It is needed to keep the body in a state of well-being, a state required to treat depression.

Balanced Diet - No Success without It:

Therapy and treatment only goes so far without proper nutrition. Some foods can be counterproductive to treatment therefore a strict nutrition plan must be laid out for the patient. Omega 3 fat which is commonly found in most fish is known to have a positive impact on mood and the human brain. Foods rich in caffeine, sugars and fats should be avoided. Instead the majority of the food intake should consist of vegetables.

Drugs and Alcohol - Avoid at All Costs:

Smoking and alcohol may temporarily make patients feel good but in truth they only intensify the symptoms and make treatment even more difficult. The same goes for drug use. It is best to adopt complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol in order to have a fighting chance against depression.

Holistic treatment has proven to be very effective over the years and there is no doubting its potential, provided that the patient adheres to the guidelines required to make a full recovery.

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