Botox is a toxin that causes nerve damage and causes death in many people. There are many kinds of botox that are available in the market. These days, the botox that is actually derived from one bacteria that produces this toxin has moved away from being a dangerous substance to being one of the most sought after substances. The reasons for this are many.

Health care industry: The botox is used to a large extent in the health care industry. The botox has an inherent property and that is to paralyze the muscles in the body and when the muscles in the body are paralyzed, then the person who has been affected will be paralyzed for some time till the effect of the botox wears off.

The effect of the botox usually wears off only after a time period of three hours when it is injected artificially into the body either under the skin or into the muscle. This effect is very useful in treating many health conditions. The various medical conditions where the botox is used are as follows.

1. Skin:

The skin can start wrinkling as a person gets old. There are many people who have skin that is wrinkling as soon as they are about 40 and then the progressive skin wrinkling appears. The wrinkles in the skin that appear are all because of the contraction of the muscles in the body. This contraction can be prevented by injecting a small amount of botox into the muscles and that is what is done when one wants to reduce or prevent the wrinkles. A lot of care is needed because it is a toxin and the right amount has to be injected.

2. Headache:

There are many people who suffer from chronic headache that affects them on most days of the week. These headaches can be very disabling. To prevent and also to treat these headaches, the botox is very useful. If you would like to reduce the pain, then pre script ion botox treatment has to be taken.

3. Muscle spasm:

There are many people who have a lot of spasm in their muscles because of various reasons. These muscle spasms cause the person severe pain and also loss of function other than the discomfort. The muscle spasm has to be relieved to decrease the pain and also to increase the function. The muscle spasm can be as part of any disease of the nervous system or it could occur spontaneously. This can be completely relieved by the treatment with botox.

4. Stress relief:

The fact that botox helps to reduce the stress levels on the person and also that it is useful in reducing the headache has made it to be used for stress relief too.
These are some of the major conditions where the botox ix used. If you are a person who needs to use botox, then you should make sure that you do not use it by yourself, but try to consult a registered health care professional to get this done for you.

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