Support for cancer patients is very much needed. There are many people who have been suffering from different kinds of cancer. For a cancer patient, as soon as the diagnosis is made, it is like a death knell. The life of the person is changed upside down within a matter of minutes. The person needs a lot of support in this phase. There are only a few of the diagnosis centres that have any kind of counselling centres for the affected person to be counselled. There are also only a few physicians who are actually able to take their time off from seeing patients and counsel the patient over the possibility of getting support.

Many of the patients who get their diagnosis are left to suffer alone either with their family or without their family. There are various reasons for the support being very important for every person who has been diagnosed with this disease. This support will help the person to become more positive and try to overcome the disease mentally. Many people give up the first instance when they hear about the disease. Many have also tried to fight against the battle. Some have fought it successfully and others have lost the battle, but the knowledge that you have been able to give off your best will help you to be peaceful.

The need for support are as follows:

Positive life:

The affected person will be able to have a positive life in spite of the negative feelings. The support should be from another cancer survivor as it will help the affected person to be motivated. The motivation by a person who has suffered and come out successfully will be the best option and also the best method of being given a chance.

Mental strength:

The treatment of the cancer is also a long drawn one. The person who is suffering from the disease will need to undergo various kinds of treatment like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and also surgery for the cancer to be cured. This will need a long time and can cause severe stress to the person who is suffering from the disease. To overcome this, a lot of mental strength is needed. This is available from the people who support the patients.


This is a common problem with cancer affected people. Though they may have fought a hard and tough battle with the disease, they may ultimately find that the disease has spread to other parts of the body and will cause further effort for the person to be able to overcome the treatment. This struggle will need a lot of support and this needs to be provided to the patient.

Pain and suffering:

The pain and suffering that is associated with the cancer is something that people who do not have cancer or those who have never suffered from cancer will never forget. This is the reason for the people who are suffering from pain be consoled by any person. Only those who have already gone through the pain and suffering of a person who is undergoing the same pain will be able to console another person. This is the reason for the need of peer groups, where one person who has suffered will be able to console another person who has gone through the pain of cancer and the treatment.

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