Diabetes affects especially the feet. It delivers leg nerve damage, whose losses do not go out too. It's called Peripheral Neuropathy.
• Diabetes also affects blood circulation. Blood in the body when not communicating properly affects the ability to fill the wound.
• Diabetic patients are prone to more risk of infection. The body's normal process slows down to fight infections, and a trouble arise at the place of infection caused due to the absence of proper blood circulation
• Diabetes can also affect joints, which can cause tightness in them.

Following problems can be faced by a diabetic patient in his feet:
• Sores take place when the shoes cut the same place repeatedly. So, wear such shoes that fit on the feet or wear them without socks.
• When the nail tips start growing inside, then the redness comes to nails that can cause infection. Nails can grow inside also if you sort out their corners while biting them.
• Dry skin could lead to the cracks in the feet, thus providing an entry gate to the bacteria to enter in the body.

Safety of your feet is as important as standing upon your legs. Try to keep your sugar level normal. In addition to this, you should consult doctor regularly about your food eating, exercises and medicines.
Here are some tips to keep your feet safe:
• Sprinkle some talcum powder on your feet before wearing socks or shoes.
• Wash your feet daily with Luke warm water and a mild soap.
• Keep the skin of your feet soft by moisturizing them with some good quality cream or lotion.
• Pay a special attention to your ankles. If the skin is cracked, then consult your doctor for its treatment.
• Keep your feet thoroughly dried, especially in the space between the toes. Please notice that for this purpose, use a soft towel and don't rub the wet area rather wipe to pat itself.
• Check your feet regularly. You may need a mirror to check the soles of feet.
• Avoid to expose your feet to excessive hot or cold temperature.
• Don't walk barefoot.
• Consult your doctor immediately if any part of the feet shows redness, swelling and pain as early symptoms, which are not getting erased or are getting stilled.
• Trim the nails of the toes straightly so that they don't grow inside. It would be better to soak the claws of the feet in Luke warm water for sometime as this would lead to the softness of the nails thus making it easy to trim them.
• Take a look at shoes by putting in the hand to check if there is any nail or gravel.

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