Ayurveda is the precious gift to the life from Mother Nature. The birth place of this 'Science of Life' is India and its popularity is now crossing the boarders in the world. Ayurveda is not only a device for relief from illness, but also a life style. Because the cause of most of the diseases is our wrong life style and diet. So Ayurveda is taking us to the lap of the Mother Nature and teaching us that we are the part of nature.

Kaya Kalpa is a famous therapy in Ayurveda developed through the research of ancient texts and yogasutras and is a powerful tool for Anti-Aging and Age Reversal. The world 'kaya' means body and subtle body. The body of a person is the product of the constant psychosomatic interactions. The imbalance in the three doshas of the body is the cause of all diseases. Kayachikitsa is the system of herbal and holistic medicine reaching to the deep of the root cause of illness and removing it.

The Charaka Samhita is the most ancient scripture about Ayurveda and giving important information about Kayachikitsa. Charakasamhitha is discussing the basic principles of Ayurveda therapies and treatments. The section of Nidana Sthana of Charaka Samhita deals with etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of an illness. Aggravation, accumulation, overflow, relocation, build up in a new site and manifestation into a recognizable disease are the six stages of the development of disease in the body. Modern medical science can only do the detection of disease during 5th or 6th stage. But in Kayachikitsa there always an opportunity to stop the disease from its starting stage.

Panchakarma is one of the significant methods of treatment under Kayachikithsa. Panchakarma is reversing the path of disease into its site of original development. The ways using for this purpose in Panchakarma are special forms of emesis, purgation and enema etc. rejuvenation or Kaya kalpa is another unique aspect in this stream. Kaya Kalpa means renewal of the body through several physical and mental disciplinary methods to rebuild the body's cells and tissues. Rasayana is another therapeutic process to defer old age and increasing immunization of body.

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