Many noises such as roars from the lawnmower and sounds from music and kitchen appliances have become natural things for many households in the US. There are more sounds to be heard once you go beyond the noise of the household like police cars or even as simple as dogs barking on your neighbor's yard.

In reality noise can actually affect a lot of people as this is a kind of pollution in itself. This condition of overloading on noise in our world has been seen to concern around 28 million Americans and can cause their hearing loss. With the rising noise pollution, statistics claim that one third of people over 75 years old will have hearing problems that will also concern their communication and hearing skills.

It is of course not all just due to noise pollution. There are times when one has medical conditions that will be the main reason why they are hearing loss and these conditions are advancing age, genetic factors, infections, physical trauma, and drug toxicity. With the fact that hearing loss can be hereditary at times, there is always away to reduce it severity by taking preventive measures.

Finding out if you have hearing problems can be done if you undergo a series of tests. A doctor can very well test you for hearing problems or you can undergo preliminary screening programs. The Dial a Hearing Screening Test is actually one test that can be done at home by just simply dialing a number and then following a recording. The Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic at Northern Illinois Medical Center has made this screening test possible for many people to benefit from.

Eight technically tested tones are utilized in this Dial a Hearing Screening Test. Once the hearing test is failed, the caller will be asked to take a second one that is more complicated. In order to get accurate results from the test it is advised that one stay in a quiet room and use a land line when making a call. Getting protection for your hearing earlier on is best so that it will not worsen in the future. The important step that one needs to follow is to always avoid places where noise pollution is rampant.

Bear in mind the necessary precautions your office will ask you to take when it comes to noise protection and always wear the appropriate gear for this. The hearing of many teenagers these days get damaged even before they reach adulthood since they play their music too loud at times.

When children or babies do not react to noises like voices or sounds then they may have a hearing problem. It follows most of the time that when a child is delayed in talking they might have a slight hearing deficiency.

When there is not hearing loss then children might just have an ear infection. Always have your ears checked when they have an infection because if you fail to do so you will suffer more problems in the future. New and better hearing aids are now out in the market that will greatly help those who are suffering from hearing loss. The hearing devices in today's market are smaller and lighter but have more power to reduce the noise and increase the sound a person wants to hear. A today even cochlear implant is possible and this will help patients hear well. One thing to keep in mind is to always make sure you take care of your hearing so that you will avoid losing when the senior years come.

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