Some people pronounce the word with the accent on the first syllable, others emphasize the second syllable with a long I. Torment is how they call it because the sounds just will not go away. Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing inside your ear devoid of any external cause.

Sufferers have come up with their own description of the sound that bugs them. In my case, I have whirring sounds just like I have a hair drier on my head the whole day, but others will say their hear bells or trains. There is one tinnitus victim that I know who has bullet trains moving inside his head especially when there is head congestion.

It is our wish that the research for our much awaited cure is ongoing. While that is waiting to happen, the severity of the problem will continue to plague the sufferers and push them to take their own lives one at a time. Three patients of an audiologist in Huntingdon were pushed to the edge by this longstanding misery and committed suicide.

Kids these days are very fond of loud music such as rock and roll and this bothers the audiologist a lot because blasting their ears with these sounds ruin their hearing. I believe we should not put the blame on the music type. I am certain that even ballads are capable of doing that once it has exceeded the acceptable volume.

To cushion the sound in a party that I attended which happened to be in a low ceilinged hall, I plugged my ears with cotton. This had marked the start of the mind blowing sounds and I sought help from a doctor for medication. The pill was more than just bitter because he also told me that I am having tinnitus, a condition I will be living with for the rest of my life. I hope the kids nowadays save themselves from the unpleasant journey and start lowering the volume of the music they listen to. What the ears experience from the noise these days is just so horrible.

Older people starts paying for the wrong listening habits they had in their youthful years. Scientists are finding that youthful listening habits have some bearing on how well people will hear when they get old. In tests of college freshmen, he discovered that six out of 10 suffered hearing losses, and concluded that loud music was a factor.

As reported by the experts, newborn infants are nonresistant to inner ear damage once they are exposed to vociferous noise and may even end up with brain cell loss. Uncovered and big low frequency noise such as that from jet engines and chain saws should be kept away from newborns. Swedish researchers warned the public that even noisy toys can be harmful to the ear. A study found out that squeaky rubber squeeze toys can be as loud as a chain saw when placed near the ear.

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