A physician states that the current emergency room situations at hospitals in America no longer perform efficiently like how they did in the past. Under a system which has been a part of the hospitals? operation for years, doctors used to take turns being the on call doctor to cover the emergency room.

The state law orders an emergency station to be part of hospitals and provide emergency care to all those in need. Since the emergency area rarely had any calls for work, this system was never a big problem a few years back. This area is now expanding as with the evolving situation.

That is the very reason why that specific health care institution has come to that situation. While they discussed the circumstances, it was discovered that some of the doctors tasked to go on ER duty was made to render services for free and more. He added that a lot of them would rather quit than serve emergency room duties while the rest do not do anything at all.

It was revealed by them that it was the tax payers of the district who paid for the hospital via bond issue and now paying the same again to purchase equipment and other health service needs. Because this benefit is given to these physicians without them having to pay anything, they feel that it is but fair to ask them to go on emergency room duty. An ER committee member reveals that the hospital team does not comply with that idea at all.

One of the bigger troubles is the rampant way of people handling matters by taking it to court with a civil case that could have easily been settled amicably. Many physicians become sensitive when asked to work on people who aren't their patients or when they are to hold duties beyond their area of specialization because of this perception coupled with rapid malpractice insurance.

When one assesses if a situation is an emergency, he can use the principle of beauty which states that it lies in the eye of the one that beholds it. For the physicians, an emergency is simply anything that is a situation of life and death. Those injured had the side of the board members who also had a different perception even if the matters were not really all that critical.

Whenever these people thought they needed emergency help badly but had to wait for this, they let their stories go around the community as they waited. In this town, this problem is something that usually happens. A fire medical aid veteran shared the cases he had seen in a city in the region which he had served before that had victims waiting before they received ample medical care.

On the other side, physicians often nag for the many times that they are asked to answer a call for help late at night only to find out that the people are not even in emergency situations. One of the physicians shares that he could almost count on one or more of these situations while covering the emergency room. He share that even if it would entail more costs on the hospital, they should hire more doctors as this would be the only sound way to give the patients the emergency care they demand. He also predicts that the emergency room will be enhanced and become an afterhours care station like how it has developed in many cities.

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