As the saying goes, 'the day we discover a permanent cure to common cold, science has truly progressed.' This is because, common cold is one of those annoying acute disease that keeps occurring numerous times within a span of one year. People have low immunity are more prone to this disease than those who are healthy. Antibiotics can provide relief from this ailment only if it occurred due to a bacterial infection. Most people tend to pop strong anti-viral drugs, the moment the sneeze and the course may go one for weeks. This mistake will not only prolong their agony but also decrease their immunity. Also, bacteria tend to develop resistance to drugs after a period of time due to which doctors can put their patients on new drugs with stronger doses. In such a scenario, it is recommended that people should try home remedies as they are not only effective but also do not harm the body. Some of the most recommended home remedies are:

• Ginger- from the Chinese to the Arabs, all of them have used ginger as a form of traditional remedy to treat common cold. Ginger has anti bacterial properties and helps the body fight infection. There are many ways to consume this herb.

 Pure from- have a spoon full of raw ginger juice after a meal, twice a day.
 Boil it- some also prefect to boil ginger and have it along with tea or sugar.

• Honey- this was commonly used by Egyptians and Babylonians to treat cough and cold in the young ones. Ayurvedic scriptures state that mixing a spoonful of ginger with honey is recommended as the combined effect of the two sooths the throat, decreases the level of cough and boosts the immune system.

• Increased dose of vitamin C- studies show that large doses of vitamin C can boost the immune system. Having a small dose of it in adults can decrease recurrences of common cold. In case the person is already suffering from this disease, the severity decreases and they get relief a lot faster.

• Use turmeric- this is one of the best antibacterial remedies for common cold. While it is beats to have ¼ tea spoon of turmeric powder along with water, one can also mix the same amount in a glass of warm milk.

• Garlic- garlic cloves are known for their antibacterial, antifungal and anti viral properties. Due to this, it is recommended that if a person is suffering from common cold, he should increase intake of garlic cloves in their food. A garlic soup will also work brilliantly and for added effects, one can add ginger to this soup. Garlic is believed to have antispasmodic properties and can open the airways. This will ease the breathing and also helps to get rid of mucous trapped in the bronchi.

• Lemon- this tangy fruit is rich in vitamin C and is also known to help the body detoxify. One of the best ways to have it is by mixing it with a glass of water and a spoonful of honey.

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