After being married for three years, I looked up and me and my husband had easily gained too many pounds. I had gain 20lbs since our marriage and he'd gained around 40lbs. Scary right! I had been a 5 ft 2in metabolism since the age of 16. I'd had a daughter from a previous marriage and weighed all of 95 lbs at the age of 22. I never changed my eating habits but didn't realize that I slowly became inactive over the years due to mother hood and attending school full-time.

At the age of 35, I was 140 lbs and still did not realize how drastically my weight had changed. I guess I was in denial. I figured, "I still look good. The weight is in all the right places so why worry." Well, as I stated, I'm now 20lbs beyond that now, but had managed to reach a peak of 189 lbs about two years ago.

High blood pressure was my wake up call. Suddenly I just didn't feel like myself and it went on for about two weeks until I finally saw my doctor. In his strong accent he told me I had pushed myself through school and didn't realize I wasn't taking care of myself. What a wake up call? Oh, he also said I'd have to be on blood pressure pills for the rest of my life. That was it! There's no way I'm taking any pill for the rest of my life. I asked my doctor if I loss weight would that counteract my situation. He smiled and said it would but he was doubtful I would do it.

Two weeks later I returned to my doctor's office for my follow-up appointment. He came in with a huge smile on his face and my chart in his hand. "What have you been doing?" he asked. I smiled back and told him my story.

Stay tuned to my second article about how I got my life back on track.

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