Too bad there isn't a real tooth fairy who, like the equally illusionary tinker bell, could dart about from house to house and light a spark in parents' minds about the necessity of dental care for their children. It was a regular sight for three years old brought to the clinic, teeth and gums both rotten. Imagine how it must have felt for a poor little girl who underwent sweetened stomach problems all because she could not chew her food and had to swallow it whole.

For forty years now, this clinic has catered to such cases. Despite educational leaflets, films, television programs and dozens of other means used to inform families that those teeth are not indestructible, the clinic's appointment books are filled with names of young patients who have never owned a toothbrush. In building strong teeth, good nutrition is important but then keeping it clean is seen to be much valuable.

More than just brushing, using dental floss often so that the spaces between the teeth where bacteria merrily thrive and multiply is encouraged. If only mothers will play an active role and learn the ropes of this one, they can easily provide the leverage necessary to achieve a whistle clean job on the teeth of their little children. Murdering a child's teeth can be done with chewy caramels. The other villain can come in the form of raisins. It is hygiene that can better tell the difference between good and bad teeth more than good nutrition.

Some financial help flooded the clinic's preschool program recently and this is all thanks to the children's benefit league. Donations of both funds and toothbrushes are taken care of by a civic group. Countless instruments, fluoride and free dental hygiene time came from the best in hygiene and dentistry who also attended to the children by giving what the dental clinic is unable to cover.

An orthodontic clinic is a specialized program that is duly sponsored to care for kids that need attention badly at this area. One can easily imagine that those people lucky enough to be close to all these sponsoring schemes would be the ones who can display the nicest set of white teeth. Such is not the picture all the time, sadly. This plays more on parents' considerations. A child in his elementary years would be sent a note in either Spanish or English from the school nurse recommending a nice trip to his friendly dentist.

The visit helps allay fears on the part of a young child. Children are mostly attracted with the nice surroundings of this clinic which is found at a local medical center's ground level. X ray machines and its operations are taught to him. They come out happy and confident after meeting the dentists. These licensed dentists like to sport mustaches, longer hairstyles and all of them exude a youthful aura. Instead of boring white coats, they purposely wear casual wear. They impress these kids by posing as regular people.

According to the clinic's spokesman, the dentists are great with the children. Dentists are seasoned in talking kids out of crying but then crying kids are a rarity here. The dentists become their pals as the children become more and more confident with every visit. It was heartwarming that kids whose treatments are done would still keep in touch with letters and pictures.

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