The American population is getting more and more obese each day. The average weight of the person has been increasing over the years. These days, there are some who are very obese and that also takes a toll on the health of the person. They should try to reduce the intake of fat to prevent obesity. Fat loss diets are available on the internet in huge numbers. Almost all of these diet programs are scams that are out to make quick money by promising quick weight loss tips to those who subscribe to these programs. It should be understood by every obese person that there is no sudden weight loss method. It is a long process that needs a lot of determination and effort for the fat loss diets to be effective. This can help the people, but before that the American population needs to know why they are becoming obese.

There are various components of the obesity and prevention of that is useful in reducing the weight of the obese person. The cause of increased weight includes the following aspects:

1. Eating high calorie foods:

This is the most important factor that one should not do to make sure that they become lean. Any fat loss diet will be full of low calorie foods. These foods include a large amount of vegetable and fruits. If you eat a large amount of these foods, you will be able to reduce the fat content in your body. So, high calories does the opposite and increases the weight or obesity.

2. Fried foods:

Fried foods are those that contain a lot of calories. The reason for this is that these foods are soaked in oil and oil is a high calorie, fatty food. So any food that is fried will not be a part of the fat loss diets and should be avoided at all costs as they too cause obesity, but the American populations loves it and eats it in large amounts.

3. Foods that are rich in protein are not consumed:

Protein rich food has a direct relationship with decrease in weight of the person and this is the reason for many of the diets encouraging people to consume a lot of protein rich foods. As American population eats more starch, there is obesity.

4. Carbonated drinks:

Carbonated drinks are full of sugar and water. Though sugar may not contain fat as such, it is full of calories. When you consume all these calories, without expending them, you will only be increasing the fat storage in your body. Americans just love their colas and their drinks. Most of them cannot be seen without a bottle of soda or cola. They all add to the calories and causes obesity. So to avoid increasing fat deposits in the body, these carbonated drinks should not be a part of the diet.

Other than these that have been mentioned above, there are other minor things that cause obesity too. If you are an American who is obese or any obese person for that matter, you should make sure that you do not consume foods that contain lot of starch. Instead, you can drink a lot of water before you start eating a meal. This will help you to be able to fill your stomach with water and you will only be able to consume a decreased number of calories in your food leading to simple weight loss.

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