Sleep deprivation is a common problem that is affecting the present generation. There are many reasons for the sleep to be lost by the people of this generation and as they lose sleep, they get into more health problems. In fact, there is a direct relationship between the health problems of the individual and also the presence of sleep deprivation.

There are many reasons for a person who is not able to sleep to have that problem. The causes may abound, but the effects are also many, in fact much more than the causes. The treatment though is only one and that is sleep enough. There are many causes of sleep deprivation and these are listed here.

1. Work:

The job that a person does may cause the person to sleep for a less amount of time. There are many people who are multitasking and there are others who are doing multiple jobs. Each of these can lead to the person to be very busy, but sleepy. As the person is having too much work, the lack of sleep occurs.

2. Studies:

Education and the need to study is one of the main reasons for people to not sleep in time. Burning the midnight oil has become a very common practice these days. Students all over the world spend a lot of time in the night studying. They do not study much during the day, but study during their sleeping time. This is a very bad habit and can cause lasting changes in the brain function. The mind is programmed to be awake too and this causes them to change their lifestyle leading to severe sleep deprivation.

3. Financial problems:

Many people suffer from various kinds of financial problems. These problems cause the people to worry a lot. The common phrase that people lose their sleep over money is very true. Various kinds of financial troubles will cause the person to suffer from sleeplessness and deprives the person of sleep. This sleep deprivation occurs because of the change in the brain function because of the stress. Depression is also a very important reason for the sleep deprivation in a person.

4. Insomnia:

This is a medical problem where the person is not able to sleep. There are some people who are wide awake and the next morning, they may feel tired and sleepy. This is a problem that needs to be treated appropriately. The common cause of insomnia could be problems that lead to depression. There are many other people who are tired and lose sleep because they are also suffering from insomnia, but these people do not know that they are suffering from the disease because of the fact that they are in their subconscious sleep and they drift in and out of sleep, which is equally tiring and mentally draining.

Each of these causes will lead to severe sleep deprivation. It is very important that the person who is affected tries to break the cycle of sleep deprivation so that the brain does not have any permanent changes. Trying to make time to sleep is the only method of overcoming sleep deprivation. This will ensure a healthy life and will prevent various problems that could occur later on in life.

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