According to the findings of the American Heart Association, more than 4 million people suffer from stroke every year. A research conducted on these people revealed that patients who were prescribed rehabilitation treatment after stroke recovered faster at home rather than in a hospital. Although some people emphasize to stay in the hospital, but stroke rehabilitation program works best at home.

1. Building a positive atmosphere
Any kind of treatment works at its optimum level only when it is accompanied by a positive atmosphere. Home gives a feeling of belonging, secures the patient and over all gives him a positive atmosphere to recover faster and in a better way. After the trauma that led to the stroke, almost every patient wants to go back home and since the rehab exercises can be done at home, the doctors allow the patient to go back home.

2. Home provides independent living
The main purpose of a rehabilitation therapy is to teach a patient independent living and this can only be attained in a home facility. The patient is taught some basic exercises in a hospital/rehab center but he can practically implement these tasks only in his house. There are various daily activities like cleaning dishes, cooking, buying grocery items which can be performed at home. By doing these exercises the patients can recover soon. The patient recognizes his weak points while doing these activities and then can learn how to improve them from the therapist. This method of learning is obviously not possible in a hospital.

3. Home teaches patient to be safe while doing the various activities
A stroke patient must learn how to be safe while he does different activities at home. He must maintain a safety level while using the bathroom, using shower, using stairs, cooking etc. Home is a practical ground for learning these safety skills. These skills cannot be learned properly in a hospital.

4. Home facilitates comfort
People are more comfortable at home than at any other place. Home gives privacy and solitude so people who are not quite comfortable participating in a group therapy can learn freely at home. Home is a better option for those who cannot go to a therapist's clinic due to any reason. With the easy availability of rehab equipments, exercising at home has become quite convenient; therefore, people choose their comfort zone to recover fast.

Rehabilitation after stroke is the road to recovery and with advanced exercising methods people can recover staying within the comfort of their home. It is practically not possible for everyone to come to rehabilitation center for treatment every day. There are people who cannot afford staying at these centers so for them rehab treatment at home is the best option. It is not only cost effective but also teaches how to deal with various situations. Even doctors at the leading rehab centers recommend patients to go home and continue with the rehab exercises. They can however visit the therapeutic clinic for small adjustments in their exercise methods.

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