There are various kinds of cancers seen in people. The person may need to know the common signs that are seen in any cancer patient as this will help the people to overcome the fear in case their fears are unfounded. It will also help the person to be able to try and identify the cancer early, if the person does suffer from the disease. There are various causes and signs of cancer that every person should know.

The common causes of cancer are as follows:

Substance abuse:

The main causes of cancer are that the person may be that the person is used to using some substance that causes cancer. There are various materials that are used by the people who are involved in substance abuse. This includes materials like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and other forms of tobacco. Though these are the common things that are used in substance abuse, people do have other things that are used. All of these things are commonly the reasons for people to suffer from cancer. To prevent the disease from occurring, immediate cessation of the substance is very important. The substance abuse can lead to cancers of the mouth, lungs and also of the stomach or liver.


The food that people eat is another common cause of cancers. The food can lead to various carcinogens entering the body. This can lead to various kinds of cancer. Some people eat food that is packed with a lot of preservatives. This is the common reason for the cancer to occur. Other than this, the use of foods that contain low levels of anti carcinogenic agents can also increase risk of cancer.


There are some causes of cancer that are hereditary in nature. Any person who is having parents, siblings or close blood relatives having some form of cancer could also be suffering from the same or other kinds of cancer. The risk of cancer increases if the person has blood relatives suffering from cancer. This kind of cancer can affect any part of the body.
No cause: There are some people who do not seem to have any predisposing reason for the cancer. This kind of cancer could affect any part of the body. This can be identified by the methods that are listed here.

Identifying cancer:

There are some common methods that can help a person to identify the presence of cancer. The common methods that can be used in the process of identification include those like the presence of a sore that does not heal at all. This sore could be present in the sire of the cancer. There are also other signs of cancer. The person who is suffering from cancer can also have non healing wounds that are bigger than the small sores that can occur. Infection of these wounds is another sign of cancer.

The affected person may also lose weight suddenly. This is a classic sign of cancer and many people who suffer from cancer seem to lose weight without any possible reason. Swelling in a part of the body or a lump is another classic sign of cancer.

Overcoming cancer:

Early identification of cancer is the key to overcoming cancer. Early identification will lead to early treatment and early cure. So as soon as the cancer is suspected, immediate diagnosis and treatment are very important.

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