Sleep deprivation is a major problem these days. There are many people who are around us and they all suffer from sleep deprivation. As there are many reasons for people not having enough sleep, it can lead to further complications. Many of the factors that cause sleep deprivation are non modifiable and this causes further problems in the person.

There are a lot of health problems that are seen in a person who is suffering from the deprivation of sleep. The deprivation of the sleep in a person may be because of the persons own choice or it could be because of the situation that the person has lost sleep.

Some of the common problems that are related to sleep deprivation are listed here.

1. Loss of concentration:

As a person does not have enough sleep, there is a loss of concentration. The person is not able to concentrate on the work that he or she is doing. This can lead to further problems like being thrown out of a job. The person may only have been working hard at the job without sleeping, but that could also lead to problems at work because the number of careless mistakes will increase. This should especially be borne in mind by people who are dealing in numbers and calculations are there is more risk in those activities that need thinking and using the brain more.

2. Depression:

Many of the people who are sleep deprived end up in depression. The depression is a common problem in people who are affected because they do not sleep and realize that they feel sleepy at odd times. As they are not able to sleep at odd times, it can lead to very severe problems. Frustration and anger are also some of the common reactions of those who are not able to sleep. The body may start hungering for sleep. Irritation is a common result too.

3. Irritation:

Any person who is not able to sleep enough will get irritated at the mildest provocation. This can be at home or at work. The frustration at not being able to sleep boils over and this is the reason for the irritation. As the person sleeps for a decent amount of time, all these changes that have happened in the person will be reversed.

4. Headache:

Once the sleep deprivation crosses a certain threshold, the problem starts becoming more medical in nature. The person will start having problems like headache and light headedness. This will lead to further problems too. The headache can also be associated with light headedness. Affected people will also start suffering from problems like dark circles under the eyes. This is visible clearly and the person who has not had good sleep can be identified because of this sign.

These are some of the common problem that the person who has not had good sleep will face. It is very important that the sleep is ensured to the person at least after the signs are present. In case of the person not being able to sleep even after these problems, then the person may faint or something worse could happen. It is better that a person is able to sleep much before all these problems occur, because there are times when the body will have some permanent changes too.

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