I do think that there is nothing wrong in having an inner conversation with ourselves sometimes to acknowledge our influence on our inner thoughts and feelings in dealing with life in general. Unless, we talk loud in public or create a scene, self talk is quite normal and natural. But the question arise is whether this self talk can be healthy? Well, the answer is both 'yes' and 'no'. Talking to ourselves can have either good or bad effect on our mental health depending on our thought process. Positive self talk can be very healthy, have great boost on self esteem and confidence and also act as tremendous stress buster whereas negative self talking can lead to depression and poor self esteem. All of us do some amount of self talking at some point on a daily basis. Normally, it is quite common to sense our inner voice and do a bit of self talking so that we understand on why and how we react to different situations every day. But yes, self talking is not always healthy and sometimes can be related to some mental illness. If self talking is delusional, irrelevant and appear along with other psychological symptoms can be related to mental disorders like anxiety disorder, personality disorder and schizophrenia.

Here, I would like to simply explore on the positive and negative aspects of self talking rather than on any mental disorder. But before that, I should know what exactly is self talking? Various readings have various definitions. Perhaps, the most appropriate one can be said as simply our inner voice, our self influence on our feelings and thoughts that comes to us during different situations and events in our daily life. It is up to us to control these thoughts and feelings and turn them towards positive or negative thinking. The impact of self talk can be tremendous. It has the capability to transform our life and future journey to be a success or failure. Controlling our thoughts with positive thinking through our self talk can make drastic changes in our attitude in dealing everyday situations better. When our thoughts and feelings have turn optimistic, we can have better confidence and positive attitude towards life come what may. This can surely turn as a stepping stone to a successful life. Apart from this, positive thinking also has many health benefits. Psychologists say that positive thinking can lower our level of stress and depression in dealing with the hardest of situations. It can increase the resistance to common cold, reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and also increase our life span.

Now the question comes how do we make our self talk positive? First and foremost, we should refrain ourselves from any kind of negative influence. Be it our surrounding, people or friends. Whatever or whoever gives us negative vibes and influence; we can limit our exposure to such kind of conversations, people or friends. We should always try to associate and acquaintance with things and someone who can be inspiring and empowering with our life goals. Any kind of pessimistic thoughts, like 'would fail', or 'can't do' should consciously be avoided. In fact, we should clear our mind completely from any kind of negative thoughts or fear of failure. Though reality bites but the fact is that, sometimes failures can be the very cause to succeed in our endeavours. We are reluctant to bring changes in our thoughts .We love to be as we are or probably, assume ourselves in a worst scenario if we bring change. Confronting our fears can make us realise that the scenario as expected is not that bad. Positivity of thoughts comes with readings of positive uplifments (books, stories, and scripts), positive visualization and interacting with positive people. We need to consciously rule out thoughts, words and phrases throughout the day which can motivate and encourage us during self talking. Making an effort to stick only to such positive thinking and discarding any kind of negativity can be of great help to bring out the change. Change does not come overnight. Our will power and determination is utmost necessary. As usual, we might be sceptical in the beginning for any kind of change. But with these little practises, we can surely replace our mind with a positive frame of thoughts. Positive thinking can come through our continuous struggle with our inner self through self talking.

In today's time, it is very important to have a correct frame of mind. Being successful in this competitive world is not an easy task. Reaching our goals in life is no longer a smooth sailing journey. There is hurdle in every step we might take. Remaining focused on our dream and ambition isn't easy either. So, the best way to prepare ourselves is to develop the appropriate mind frame. I think, that's where we require the mind frame of positive thinking. And positive thinking only comes with health practises of self talking.

About Author / Additional Info:
A Medical Professional enthusiastic of writing on health related issues.