The nail fungus is one of the disease conditions that are very highly resilient. The reason for the resilience of the condition is that fungal infections can rarely be cured completely and quickly. It is a long drawn out battle that happens when you try to cure the nail fungus. There are different kinds of medications that are told to help in cure the nail fungus. One of the common notions is that the nail fungus can be cured by over the counter products and also through various alternative medicines.

It should be understood that the prescription medication are the best in completely curing the nail fungus. There are some times when the nail fungus may not be completely cured even with prescription medication and at these times, the alternate medications and other over the counter products can be tried. The reason for the prescription medication being tried first for the nail fungus is that the nail fungus cannot be easily cured and the first treatment should be the one that gives the best chance of cure for the patient. If the nail does not get cured even after months of treatment, then the other kinds of treatments can be tried.

If you start off with the simplest treatment and it does not work, then the nail fungus will start becoming worse and there will be a time when you will not be able to get rid of the fungus. This is the reason for always trying to start off with the best possible treatment available and once the nail fungus does not get cured even with this, the other forms of the treatments can be started.

Prescription medications:

There are different kinds of prescription medications that are available. Some of the prescription medications are those that can be consumed orally and as one can understand, these are in the form of tablets or capsules and because of this, they get absorbed in the blood stream. This leads to some side effects that can cause damage to the liver and other vital organs at times. The long duration for which these medications need to be consumed is another reason for the need to avoid prescription medication.

There are also certain prescription medications that are available in the market and you can use it to apply over the nail as topical application.

Over the counter medication:

There are some people who prefer over the counter medication. This is because they feel that these medications have very few side effects. This is true to a large extent, but the right balance should be present between the selection of a prescription medication and an over the counter product. You should make sure that you select the medication after you consult the Physician on the best course of action.

In spite of all these treatments, the nail fungus may not get cured completely even after many months. The reason could be the frequent change of medications. You should make sure that you should try to stick to one kind of medication for at least a few months before starting another.

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