The best treatment for defeating bashful bladder syndrome is hypnotherapy. Its capacity to tap into an individuals' mind enables the hypnotherapist to reprogram the destructive patterns that replay in an anxiety-provoking public toilet setting. There comes a time, nevertheless, when the brave individual will need to venture out into the 'restroom wilderness' and employ what they've learnt in real-life situations. Of course, this may be considerably anxiety-provoking indeed. However, there is an approach to behavioural therapy that can help turn this mountain into much more of a mole hill. This is whats called Systematic Desensitization, which is an integral exercise a person must undertake to overcome a Bashful Bladder.

Once you have a phobia of something (like peeing in public bathrooms), you actively refrain from it. The way Systematic Desensitization works is by slowly subjecting the person to their fear bit by bit. Hypnotherapy should be half of the battle; a patient should not assume overnight results if they have not actually practiced 'going' in public situations. Defeating a bashful bladder usually requires the sufferer to build their way up to this situation by way of scaling 'mini Everest's' on a frequent basis.

How does an individual go about taking these helpful steps? To start with, you ought to create what is referred to as a 'Anxiety Hierarchy'. For this, it is advisable to record a list of public restroom circumstances which envoke concern and anxiety. At the beginning of the list are those which only induce small degrees of anxiety, the further down you go, the greater the anxiety will become. It helps to rank the situations out of 10; one being a little fear-provoking, 10 being extremely.

Take a look at the following example:

Imagining there is someone in the loo as you pee in the security of your own home. (1 out of 10).

Using a public stall, where the lock is broken off. (3 out of 10).

Using a public stall, with the door open, with others queuing up behind. (5 out of 10).

Peeing in a urinal in an empty public rest room, being aware of the possibility that an individual could enter at any moment. (6 out of 10).

Using a urinal which has partions at both sides, whilst other guys use the ones beside you. (8 out of 10).

Using a urinal, absolutely no dividers, and a few other men use the set too. (9 out of 10).

Using a urinal in a chaotic toilet, where there are queue's, guys coming and going, and lots of loud noise. (10 out of 10).

Once you have established your list, the next phase is putting into action. Make a particular time each week to attempt the examples in your hierarchy, (begin with the easiest and work your way down). It is a good move to consume plenty of water before leaving in order to facilitate your attempts. After you've accomplished each one at least twice, you are ready to begin mastering the next challenge.

Now if you return from the 'public challenge' without positive results, don't beat yourself up over it. Everytime you try, you're desensitizing the fear you hold. You will start to accept that absolutely nothing bad transpires and your stress and anxiety reduces.

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