Aging is a natural phenomenon. It is a basic progression in the life cycle of any living being. Therefore, we, human beings are bound to age with time. But the question is whether we can slower the process of aging or not. The answer is rightly yes. We are bound to age as time is passing by. But we can surely repress the embodiment of aging by following righteous ways.

The life span of any living cell is limited. So any living organ of human being or any living being is bound to age or perform less effectively with time due to loss of cells. The basic premiliminary cause of aging is the gene damage or DNA damage. Genetically, each cell of our body continues replicating again and again .The DNA strand in each of our cell has a replicating sequence called telomere. Each time, the cell dies and replicate, the telomere become shorter. So, as aging progresses, the telomere starts shortening in course of time. Therefore, this telomere indicates our actual biological age. The gene is programmed for a definite period for replication. Within this period, old cells die and get replaced by new ones. But after that, the old cells fail to be replaced and their function starts declining with aging. Physiologically, it is not simply the gene damage or wear and tear of cells but a number of factors which may contribute to aging. Cell damage can occur due to its own by product called free radicals, direct exposure to heat, radiation and sunlight. As we grow older, the number of cells in each of the organ starts dying, cell renewal process starts declining and the organ efficiency lowers. But the best part is, most of the organs in our body have greater functional capacity than the body actually needs. Therefore, even if aging starts after 30, body still functions normally. Physically, skin, joints loses elasticity, a bone, muscles loses density, mass and strength, and overall changes become prominent.

Aging is inevitable. But the question arises, whether it is possible to decelerate the aging process or not. Well, obviously, we can by bringing some changes in our lifestyle, behaviour and habits. Nowadays, certain supplement like dihydroepiandrosteron (DHEA), are available over the counter have said to increase strength and immunity. But the actual effects and benefits still remain unclear. Some other interventions like calorie restriction, resveratrol, anti oxidants and hormone supplements should be strictly used under clinical guidance. But the best method is leading a healthy life style, more preference to organic food and regular physical activity. A routine yearly check up with complete health assessment is very essential.

Various researches have shown time and again that aging has lot to do with mental state, environmental factors apart from the normal physiological process. Therefore, it is important to know the common factors that trigger aging. Accelerated factors can be most likely emotional stress (divorces, troubled relationships or loneliness) and mental anxiety (work stress). Lifestyle factors like smoking, alcoholism or drugs, excessive sugar intake and frequent sun exposure also contribute to aging. Though the process of aging is inevitable, but it has a lot more to do with each one of us. We see people around us of similar ages with some having very prominent changes while others having comparatively less. Hence, the above mentioned factors are very much influencing in the process of aging.

Following routine eating habits with regular meal timings, no intermittent snacking and plenty of water and fluid intake is essential Avoiding alcohol and smoking is a boost to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating habit of two to three portions of greens, veggies, and fruits is a must daily, whole grain cereal with low fat and low sugar intake is also necessary. Following a routine exercise regime which comprises of walking, jogging or even any sort of physical activity is important. If due to time constrain, exercise routine cannot be changed or prolonged, it can be compensated by any form of physical activity like simple climbing stairs. The more sedentary our life becomes, the more likely our metabolism slows down. So any form of physical activity, movement are necessary throughout the day to keep boosting our metabolism. Therefore, if the fat burning process continues, deposition of subcutaneous fat in the body also lessens. These changes in our lifestyle can only work if we bring about a behavioural change in our day to day habits .It will definitely make a difference in our life if we become habituated to these changes of routine exercise, healthy eating and physical activity. As for the cognitive ability, all the neural activity remains intact even in aging except in case of certain illness where dementia appears like in Alzheimer's disease. In normal individual, brain functions remain intact even if aging progresses. We need to challenge ourselves to keep learning new things so that our neural pathways continue to grow and develop in spite of aging.

Aging is inescapable. The changes with aging are unavoidable. But with healthy lifestyle and healthy habits, aging can be healthier and pleasant. Being peace with ourselves, being in a happy state of mind is the utmost factor. Carrying a positive attitude towards life is revitalizing. Controlling our stress factors and maintaining a balance with professional and family life is all that is important. Success in life is not always materialistic. A successful life is to understand one's own path and fulfilling own bliss and contentment and not chasing anybody else's dream.

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