DYSLEXIA in children means Learing Difficulty in writing , spelling, reading, calculating , understanding etc. The children got poor numbers in examination, loss their confidence and neglected by teachers/ parents.

At the same time , it causes psychological burden to the parents. The parents can not take any decision what to do. They always think the dark future of their children.

The dyslexia is not a disease but it is a type of individuality, having some gape. And this gape can be cured by selected homoeopathic medicine.

We should know how the medicine acts -
ALLOXAN :- Memory weak for what has just happened, for places, what has for read, what is about to say.

ANACARDIUM :- Sudden loss of memory , suddenly forgets names etc. Children are disposed to wickedness, kills the ants or small creatures . Strange temper, laughs at serious matters and is serious over laughable things. Funk before examination. Mistake in time - present and future.

BARYTA CARB :- Children have aversion to strangers. Can not want to play but sits in the corner doing nothing; Children with deficient memory who can not remember and learn. These children can not taught. Comprehention dull in children.

CALCAREA PHOS :- Slow to comprehend, weak memory. Inability for mental exertion.Mistakes in writing , repeating words.

CAUSTICUM :- Tendency to make mistakes when speaking; mispronunces words. Weakness of memory. Comprehension difficult , do only after repetion of question.

CHIN SULP :- Putting right for leftside or vice versa.

GRAPHITES :- Extreme hesitation , unable to make up her mind about anything. Child is impertiment , laughs at reprimants. Excessive forgetfulness esp. of names.

IGNATIA :- Mistake in writing from hurried thoughts. Mistake in speaking from hurry.

KALI BROM :- Omits or mixes up words in talking or writing. Using wrong words , hot for cold.

LAC CAN :- Very nervous, very restlessness. In writing uses too many words or not the right ones.

LYCOPODIUM :- Spells or writes wrong words. Loss of self confidence, timidity,indecisivness. Aversion to speaking . Inability to remember what is read. Afraid to being alone. When he means pears says plums. Mistake in adding letters. Mistake in syllables.

MAG CARB :- Concentration difficult while writing.

MANGUNUM :- Write smaller letters.

MEDORRHINUM :- Can not spell correctly, wonders how a well known name is spelled. Mistake in homework because of hurry. . No conception of time. Forgets words , names; can not finish sentences.

NAT CARB :- Comprehension slow.

NAT MUR :- Children are late learing to talk . Can not want study because it causes vertigo.

NUX VOM :- Mistake in measurement of size . Concentration less while calculating . Mistake in speaking , omits words. Mistake in estimation of weight.

R.N.A. :- Dullness of mind , slowness at schoolwork; can not concentrate on intellectual work.

SILICEA :- Loss of self confidence, dreads failure. Inability to write in children

STRAMONIUM :- Uses incorrect words in talks or speech because he has no memory of correct words.

SULPHUR :- Misplaces or can not find a right word what he speaks or writes. Forgetfulness of that which is about to be uttered. Lazy. Philosphical attitude - want to know who made this or that and how ; tries to reason without any hope of discovery or possible answer. Aversion and horror of mathematices.

SULPHURIC ACID :- Must do everything in great hurry; Unwilling to answer question , says yes or no with difficulty.

THUJA :- Slowness of speech and of reflection. Seeing for words when in conversation . Talks hastily , swollows words. In reading or writing he was wrong expressions. The children are excessivly obstinate.

ZINCUM MET :- Weakness of memory, difficult conception , incoherent ideas. Repeat all question before answering; Child repeats everything said to it.

Please take homoeopathic specialist suggetion for proper medication, doses and potency .

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