For the children in America about three million of them have hearing problems. One disadvantage with having these numbers is not being able to know who has the sickness. People or experts are not aware if say either Johnny Jones or Mary Smith needs help. The number of children that were tested in only select areas in the US were taken and applied to the total school population of children all over the country and this is who the American Hearing Society obtained the statistic. Children that live in the rest of the states that do not require hearing tests will go on with the rest of their lives not having been diagnosed with a hearing problem.

You'd be surprised how many youngsters are trying to live normal lives with a hearing impairment no one know about or admit. Chances are people will notice that these kids are inattentive, unmanageable, and even stupid. Kids often think that all is normal with them and some will be too frightened to tell others about their condition. One case sees a boy who was suffering from the latter problem. Being more on the quiet said was because of the scarlet fever he has suffered when he was 3, they say.

Due to this when he would be given an instruction he would be unable to respond. The way his father would discipline him was to spank him whenever he did not do what he was told to. His mother would always say that he's not a bad boy, and that it is his nature to be absent minded. One time when his mother asks him to do something she had to shout. Being the good kid he really was he did the errand once he heard it. So his mother concluded that if you just impress it on him, he'll do what you say.

In school the boy did not play with the other children too well. He was able to excel in a class that was somewhat overcrowded. In the state that the boy lived in it was really up to the people if they wanted to get hearing tests or not. 9 years old was the age the boy participated in an audiometer test the school held for the kids.

The boy was diagnosed with severe hearing impairment that came after he had scarlet fever. A hearing aid is what helps him hear better these days. They have not lost hope and that medical care can help him gain back some of his natural hearing.

Often cases will end up not having resolutions. Some hearing loss cases will be hard to treat sometimes. For the New York League for the Hard of Hearing it is the treatments that are hard to find and not the tests. All there is to do is to get tested and then have a file on hand. In reality there are not follow ups done to the patient right after. This will cause a lot of people to suffer from hearing problems. Your mother will be the best person to sense something like this. In addition mothers must sense it before school will come. What a mother will just have to do is leave the children in one room and from the other room speak to them and the reaction will make it all clear. Most cases, parents cannot bear the possibility of a deaf child. With the presence of simple home test mothers can now use it to gradually test the hearing of their child. With hearing that is not faulty a child will react to noises like a telephone ringing, a door banging, loud clapping of hands, dogs barking. When a reaction is only made when you catch their line of vision and not when you enter a room then something is wrong. Some danger signals will include discharges or odors from your child's ear, or deformities or swellings in or about the external ear canal. If a child will respond to things you say while you are in another place then rest assured they can hear properly. If a child is talking normally then they can hear well too. Accordingly one can talk because one can hear what other is saying.

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