This article is for the overweight person who wants to start an exercise routine for the purpose of losing weight. Overweight here means thirty or more pounds above the healthy weight for a person of the same height, gender, and age. By using the phrase "health weight chart" in an internet search box, websites are found that will have this healthy weight.

One of the main things to remember is to slowly work up to being able to do the total amount of the suggested exercises. Also losing large amounts of weight can take one to two years. To loss one pound per week is the suggested amount. Patience is needed to continue exercising for this amount of time. It does pay off by losing the weight and have the overall feeling of each day being better than it was with before the weight was loss. With losing weight, a person also gains the incentive to do all those things they always wanted to do but never did.

Cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength are considered in this article.


The reason to do this exercise is to keep from getting the worn out feeling while doing simple everyday activities. This is needed to be able to do the strength exercises.
On the internet, the phrase "cardiovascular exercise" can be used to find information for cardiovascular exercising.


The reason to be flexibly is to help prevent pains and injuries that can occur while moving muscles. Flexibility is needed to be able to do the strength exercises correctly, which avoids pains and injuries.
Flexibility exercises are called stretches. These can be done before strength exercises as a warm up and after strength exercises as a cool down.
To find information on the internet about upper body flexibility use phrase "pictorials stretch" in a search engine. For lower body flexibility use the phrase "quadriceps stretch".


Strength exercises cause the weight loss. When doing a strength exercise muscles are expanded and contracted. After this fat stored in the body is changed to energy in the form of calories. These calories are used in the muscles. The result is the body has less fat and therefore less weight.
The phrase "pictorials exercise" can be used for an internet search to find information about upper body strength exercises and the phrase "quadriceps exercise" for lower body strength exercises.

Definition of the terms; repetition, set, and rest stop

A repetition is doing the exercise one time. This should take between 2 and 3 seconds. A set is to do a number of repetitions without stopping. The rest stop for an exercise is between the sets and should last from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Workout routine

Workout routines are done six days per week. Cardiovascular exercises and flexibility stretch exercises can be done each of the six days. A cardiovascular can last between 30 and 60 minutes. A flexibility stretch exercise can be done between 10 and 20 exercise during each routine. For the strength exercises one rest day needs to be between days when exercising the same muscle group.

For all workout routines a person should slowly increase the number and time for the exercises each day. The numbers and times given are what the exerciser is to do after they have become able to do that amount of exercising. This could take two to three weeks.

For internet information about routines, the phrase "workout routine" can be used.

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