Healthy lungs are very important for the person to have a normal life. There are many people who are involved in various kinds of addiction and other problems. Most of these people who are exposed to smoke because of their addiction to smoking will have unhealthy lungs. There are some people who may not be smokers, but they also have an unhealthy lung because of the fact that they are passive smokers. There are other people who work in industries and they may also suffer from various kinds of injuries to their lungs because of the constant exposure to the smoke and other things. These particles could be microscopic substances that can cause various diseases like cystic fibrosis and also asthma or asbestosis.
The various reasons for the person to have a healthy lung are listed here.

1. Quality of life:

The person who is having a healthy lung will have a great quality of life. The person will be able to do all their work as every other person. In case a person has lung tissue damage, then the quality of life of the person will be less. This is because if the lungs are damaged, then the person will not be able to breathe properly. The person will also suffer from various other problems like breathlessness when walking, working, climbing stairs and other activities. This will reduce the functional ability of the person and also the quality of the life of the person.

2. Health costs:

The cost of health care is very high and if any person has lungs that are not healthy, then the person will need to spend a lot of money on the care of the lungs. To make sure that the person is able to overcome the problems associated with a sick person who has lung problems, the individual needs to make sure that the lungs are kept healthy.

3. Carcinoma:

There is a high risk of carcinoma in the person who is suffering from lung damage. So to prevent the carcinoma from affecting the person, it is very important for the individual to make sure that there is no damage to the lungs and that it is healthy. Repeated infections or lung diseases can cause the abnormality of the cells that can lead to carcinoma formation.

4. Progressive damage:

There are certain lung conditions that can become progressively worse. This is a major problem and so the lungs should be kept healthy. The person who is not careful about the lung will start suffering repeated damage to the lungs and this can worsen the health of the person. To prevent the progression in the damage to the lungs of the individual, it is important that the lung is healthy.

There are several methods that can be followed by any person who would like to have lungs that are healthy. These include the methods like wearing masks in areas where there is a lot of dust or smoke. There are certain professions, where the person needs to make sure that they work in conditions where there could be smoke or dust. In these areas, the person should wear masks. Those who suffer from pre existing lung conditions will do better to avoid working in these conditions. Instead the person can change the vocation to a less risky job to keep the lungs healthy.

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