Cleansing your body does not mean that you will need to deprive your body of essential nutrients or food. Cleansing is simply a method to detoxifying your body and purging out all toxins from your body. However, to ensure that you don't harm any organs or basic functions of your body and allow your body to perform as it should be, you have to be very careful about how you will detoxify your body. It has to be done in a healthy and intelligent way. Perhaps one of the best ways to cleanse your body is to consume unprocessed, fresh and natural food such as salads, smoothies, fruits and fruit juices, clear soups, vegetable juices, take care of your skin through foot detox baths and so on. And of course, you can't forget good old plain water and the role it plays in flushing out toxins.

Begin your day by drinking lots of water, and if possible have a glass of warm water with some lemon juice in it. This is the first step towards pushing out toxins. And then you need to move to feeding your body essential nutrients, high fiber and lots of vitamins. By cleansing your body you re-energize your body, protect it from diseases and also improve your chances of a healthy and long life.

Remember that your body already has built-in normal detoxification processes. It eliminates toxins every day through your colon, kidneys, lungs, liver, and the skin and so on. Unfortunately for our body, we continue to expose it to a large amount of toxins. These toxins enter our system through air pollution, pollution caused by harmful chemicals such as aerosols, toilet cleaners, shampoos, cosmetics, other surface cleaners etc, through the food we eat (sodas, excess meat-eating/ingestion of animal protein, coffee, sugar intake, fried foods, processed foods etc), and even through some harmful pharmaceuticals. A lot of these toxins are emitted naturally by the body over a period of time. However there are a lot of chemicals which collect as residue inside the body and keep harming it from within.

Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle and are careful about what you eat and drink, there are environmental factors that you cannot control. And that's why you must cleanse your body to improve your immunity and overall health. Here's a quick quiz to help you decide if you need to cleanse your body. If you answer yes to most of these points, then you need to detoxify.

• Do you feel gaseous?
• Do you suffer from abdominal bloating?
• Have you been craving for salty, sweet or starchy foods?
• Is there a lot of acne/pimples on your skin?
• Do you frequently suffer from headaches and abdominal pain?
• Do you feel tired, irritable and/or depressed?
• Is your hair and skin too dry?
• Are your bowel movements irregular?
• Do you experience mood swings and lack of concentration?
• Do you find yourself falling ill frequently?
• Have you been gaining weight or finding it hard to lose weight?

So you can you begin cleansing your body through detoxification?

Simple changes to cleanse your body:

Consume a lot of high-fiber foods, and switch to high-fiber alternative of regular foods. For example, switch to brown rice. If possible, purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables, and if you have the time just grow your own! Vegetables such as radishes, beetroots, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, seaweed and some others are great detoxifying foods.

You can strengthen your internal organs by drinking green tea which is rich in anti-oxidants and healthy flavanoids. Dandelion root, milk thistle and several other herbs are great for detoxifying internal organs, like your liver.

All vitamins are excellent for your body. But while you're cleansing your body, the most important vitamin is perhaps Vitamin C. This vitamin helps your body create a create purifying compound called glutathione. Including oranges, limes, guavas and other Vitamin C rich foods in your body is good.

Your body needs a lot of least 2-3 liters a day. There's nothing better than plain water to just wash out all those toxins from your body. Just imagine all that water going into each cell of your body and flushing out the poison.

Don't forget that your mind plays a great role in cleansing your body too. Meditate to de-stress and fill yourself with good feelings and happy thoughts. A great way is to take a warm/hot shower followed by a cold shower and then end it by a hot shower, before you get into bed at night.

Any form of exercise is a great purifying method. It could be yoga or walking or Jogging. As long you work out your body, you will be cleansing your body. Cardiovascular exercises will also help you sweat which is a great cleanser, especially for your skin. You could also take a steam/sauna bath to induce sweat.

Breathing deeply is important too. By breathing in and out slowly and deeply ensures oxygen circulation throughout your body and allows your blood to absorb oxygen.

Detox foot spas and foot baths are great from removing toxins through your pores. There are specialized detox foot spas available which will help cleans both your mind and body.

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