Malaria is a common disease in the population that is living in various vulnerable area. The breeding of the mosquitoes is an important reason for the presence of the Malaria. There are various methods of treating the disease, but the most important factor is to prevent the disease because even if the disease starts affecting a person, it can lead to various dangers and problems. Making sure that the disease does not affect a person in the first place will be a better way of dealing with Malaria.

There are various methods of preventing Malaria. Some of the very important methods that can be used in the process of preventing Malaria are discussed here.

1. Mosquito nets:

The mosquito nets are one of the best methods that has been used for many years to prevent this ravaging disease. There are many people who have been affected by the disease over the years. The governments of various countries have taken the steps to try and prevent this disease. They have only been partially successful in the quest to prevent until the use of mosquito nets was started. These days, the government in various countries that have a high number of people being affected by the disease to have this method of preventing the disease. The government provides medicated mosquito nets. These nets have medication on them and this actually repels the mosquitoes. This is also the best method of preventing malaria, because of the mosquito never bites a person, the disease will not occur.

2. Mosquito repellents:

The repellents used in the aim to prevent malaria are another important method that can be used to overcome this problem. There are many people who use these repellents, especially when they go to a place where mosquito bites are common. The use of these mosquito repellents will not only help the person in preventing the disease, but also may even kill the mosquitoes thus reducing the menace.

3. Use of gambusia fish:

This is one of the cost effective methods of making sure that there is a much decreased incidence of the disease. The fact about the Gambusia fish is that they eat the larvae of the mosquitoes. It is a very difficult task to disinfect all the stagnant water bodies very few days. On the other hand, if the fish is left inside the stagnant water bodies, the fish breed quickly and also eat the mosquito larvae. This causes the menace of the disease and the mosquitoes to be decreased.

4. Clothing:

The clothes that are worn by the person who is venturing out doors is a very important aspect that helps in the prevention of Malaria. As the protective clothing is thick and covers all the parts of the body, the person is able to make sure that the mosquitoes are not able to get to the skin. This causes the person to prevent the incidence of mosquitoes.

These are some of the best methods that can be used to prevent Malaria. Since it is easier to prevent the disease rather than to treat it, the Governments of various countries where the disease is prevalent are using these methods of preventing the disease rather than trying to solve the problem after it has occurred on a large scale.

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