Smoking is a wide spread phenomenon throughout the world. However, to smoke or not to smoke is an individual decision but smoking at a public place is a serious offence. Those who do not smoke get affected just for nothing. Smoking at a public place should not only be banned, people who do this offence should also be fined and punished. Smoking is both dirty and dangerous activity.
Firstly, the smokers make dirty the places where they smoke. For example, one can see ash and butts spreading everywhere; the place smells bad and the smoke in particular causes eye-irritation. These are clear indicators for authorities to note and ban smoking at the public places.

Secondly, there are some serious and dangerous implications of smoking. In numerous cases, careless smokers cause fire that results in property and live losses. Moreover, dangerous diseases such as throat and lung cancer are caused by smoking and have already taken the life of many people. Smoking is also the cause of many dangerous heart diseases both among the males and the females. This is why It means smoking at public places can have devastating consequences.

To conclude, smoking is a toxic as well as dangerous. The smokers should not be allowed to smoke at the public places freely because they are threat to health, property and life of the people. The governments should take extreme measures to deal with this problem. The smokers should be fined and punished if found guilty of smoking at the public places.

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