We all experience stress in our lives, in fact, stress has been said to be good since it makes us do what we are supposed to do. It is when stress goes over and above the normal limits that it becomes unhealthy. We have to manage with the stress of bringing up the kids and making sure our working lives are not suffering as a consequence. For those who are juggling all this with school, it increases the duties you must accomplish at the end of the day and a lot of stress comes with it. If stress is not well managed it leads to poor health and even depression. Here are some of the tips for managing stress so that you may gain better health.

First, delegate. There are so many working moms and working dads who are trying to be everything to everyone, most of the time at the expense of their own health. This is not good at all. If you feel there is too much on your plate for you to handle, delegate or flatly refuse to work on some things. For example, older kids can take care of younger kids in some things and this will relieve you of the pressure to do everything for them. When you think about it, delegating some tasks will also teach your kids to be responsible. Ask the older kids to wake up the younger ones on time or simply hire external help if they are too young. Your spouse should chip in to make your life easier. At work, always divide big problems into smaller ones that can be handled. If you feel the pressure is too much, always raise this up with your boss. Delegation is a must in your business and it is time you should some employees if you are handling everything on your own. Delegation is very simple and will ease the load from your back.

Exercise and meditation; these two go hand in hand. Many psychologists have hailed the role of meditation and the keeping of a quite mind in the face of stress. Sometimes, what causes us stress and depression is when we hit the panic button too soon. While some of the things we are faced with can be handled bit by bit, we always panic too soon. The power in meditation is to help you keep a quiet mind; a relaxed mind when faced with problems at work or at home. Meditation is the key to good health and if you are into yoga or even simple prayer, you can manage the stress in your life. It helps to deal with the stresses you have, each one according to priority. Meditation will organize your mind and subsequently your home. As for exercise, a simple walk or run in the park everyday is sure to reorganize you and relax at the same time. Exercise will also make you readier for the day and keep your moods up for the rest of the day, not forgetting the weight loss perks that come with exercising.

A few extra tips to help you manage stress better are:
• Eat healthy. Stay away from too fatty food items and take a balanced diet with lots of juices and water.
• Take proper sleep and make sure to have a quality one. Sleeping too long but uncomfortably is useless.
• Try to relax and stay calm. Don't panic and always remember there is no end to work so there is no need to panic for what you can't get rid of for good.
• Keep in control and don't lose balance. Be humorous and try to find an aspect of humor in everything.
• Love life and live it to its full for this is the key to happiness.
• Love people around you and try to find a reason to love your surroundings and world.
• Most important of all, stay positive and think positively. There is nothing more important than holding a positive attitude for this will give you positive outcomes.
• Keep smiling and pass your smile on to everybody.

Always remember staying away from stress and depression is your key to healthy life so worry less and don't stretch yourself to more than the extent you can easily manage!

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