The use of lemon juice has been known from time immemorial. There are millions of people who are used to drinking lemon juice. The juice that is taken out of the lemon can be tasted as it is. It can also be drunk after the addition of salt, sugar and or soda. Each of these combinations has been very popular with people from all age groups. There are young people who like this drink as well as old people who love this drink. There are many health benefits that are related to the use of the lemon juice. These health benefits of drinking lemon juice are listed here and are as follows:

1. Digestion:

The use of lemon juice is very important in the digestion of the food that is consumed by the person. When the lemon juice is made with hot water, it is much more efficient in clearing off all the digestive problems that the people have. Some of the common problems that are relieved with the use of the lemon juice includes the treatment and the cure of the heartburn in people. Nausea can be reduced and the presence of any parasites in the digestive system can also be cleared with the use of lemon juice.

2. Tooth problems:

The lemon juice is also very helpful in reducing the tooth problems. It is used in people who have toothache and there is a reduction in the pain after the consumption of lemon juice by the person. Other than the pain relief, even gum problems can be reduced with the use of lemon juice. Any person who is suffering from bleeding in the gums can use the lemon juice which when massaged over the tooth, will help in reducing the bleeding.

3. Infections:

Any person who is having infection in the throat will have a reduction in the pain as soon as the lemon juice is consumed. Even those who are having sore throat or other conditions like inflammation of the tonsils will have a reduction in the pain. This is because the lemon juice has antibacterial properties that will help in reducing the infection in the throat.

4. Skin care:

The use of lemon juice in the skin will also help the skin to be shining. The skin will also have no blemishes as the lemon is used in various bleaches. The skin will become cleaner as the lemon juice will remove all the dirt and infections that is present on the skin. The lemon juice use on a regular basis will even make the person to become healthier and the skin will become firmer. This will reduce the aged look of the skin. The skin will also cool down when the lemon juice is applied over the skin of the person. The lemon juice will also help in reducing the dark scar presence, if used on a regular basis and this is the reason for the lemon juice to be used in various skin care products.

5. Other use:

The lemon juice is also used in various other medical conditions to a lesser extent. The reduction in blood pressure is one of the major roles played by this substance. Other than this, lemon juice is also used in treating rheumatic pains and the various respiratory problems.

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