Heart is the important part of our body. It is the hub for all the functions of our body. The total in and out of our blood vessels work from here. It is like a bus depot from where all the buses take rest and depart. If the depot is not good or under repair then there will be a problem for the buses to function well. The same way is our heart; if the heart functions are not good then it may be alarm for the body to take care otherwise you will be in risk. Hence there are some factors by which we face heart problems.

Those can be

• Habits (Smoking, Alcohol etc.): The habits like smoking, alcohol are very dangerous. While smoking or drinking alcohol we feel that we are in heaven but when it gives us the result we feel that we are in hell. Hence those who smoke more than twice a day they may face such problems. These habits cause some damage to our heart. Apart from that that gets exposed to passive smoking may also get problem. Hence smoking has its effect not only to the smoker but also to the non-smoker also.

• Cholesterol Levels: it plays a major role not only for the heart disease but also for some more side effects. Hence it is better to check the regular cholesterol levels. These may increase due to the diet, eating habits, and skipping exercise. This may be good while doing but it has its impact on the heart.

• Blood Pressure: High Blood pressure impacts on the working nature of heart. Due to this there will be problems like choking and strokes. Hence it is important to check the BP regularly and maintain a normal BP.

• Diabetes: It is a dangerous one if it is not under control. This may lead to the fatal attacks. Apart from the heart it has its side effects. Hence it is better to control diabetes with prescribed doctor medicines and regular exercise. It causes a significant damage the heart functions. Hence it needs to be put under control.

• Skipping Exercise: Most of us do not go for regular exercise. We always look to waste time when it comes the time for exercise. It is better to do regular exercise to avoid problems of heart. The regular exercise will give you healthy physique. There is good number of benefits from exercise. It is an important tool to reduce the heart problems.

• Diet: It is the only thing that we never compromise. We feel that eating healthy we stay healthy. That's true but need to take a healthy diet leaving behind oily, junk foods. A healthy diet as prepared from dietician helps us to stay healthier.

• Mental Pressure: Many of us face lot of problems every day. The mental tensions may be because of so many problems. But it causes a great damage to us. If diabetes is there then mental pressure will increase more even if you are on diet and exercise or medicine. Leaving this it may cause some new problems like Acidity, Increase in Blood Pressure and so on. Hence it has a major effect on our heart and other related problems. It is better to avoid mental pressure by yoga and meditation. Joining laughing clubs, regular exercise may reduce the mental pressure.

These are some of the causes by which we face heart problems. Apart from heart problems we may face some side effects. It is better to control the things and live happily.

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Reference: Times of India