There are a lot of practitioners of Ayurveda who are cropping up these days. It is very important for the people to understand about the various safety issues that are involved with the use of these drugs and treatments. The Ayurvedic people are never of the idea that the drugs are safe. There are certain drugs that can kill too. This is not only true about the Ayurvedic system of medicine, but this is true about every system of medicine that is being practices in the world.

So what is the solution and what should be done about it? This is an important question that needs answering. The medications that are used by the Ayurvedic practitioner are mainly natural and herbal, but even these can be toxic to certain people in some situations. To make sure that these drugs do not cause any damage to the people who use them, it has been made mandatory that the drugs should only be prescribed by an Ayurvedic practitioner. There are many people who prescribe the drugs and there are many more people in the public who try to buy these products from the Pharmacy as over the counter products. This can cause severe problems.

All the products of Ayurveda should be used as only prescription products. Though the severity of the side effects may not be as much as the regular medications, these drugs can cause a lot of damage too, because of the toxicity that is present in them. One reasoning for this being given by the Ayurvedic practitioners is that even the snake venom is used as treatment for some conditions. So, if some of these kinds of drugs are taken in excessive amounts, then it can lead to various problems, some of which can even be life threatening.

One of the important issues that one has to deal with, is the ethics of using a lesser researched medication when there is a medication available that has been well known to decrease the incidence of a disease. The Ayurvedic medication in these situations are used as an adjunct to the regular medications and not used as a standalone treatment. The use of these drugs as an adjunct to the chemotherapy drugs used in the regular treatment of people has been seen to decrease the effects of the disease. This means that the function of the chemotherapy drug is enhanced by the use of the Ayurvedic drug, which is used as an adjunct.

Though there are many safety issues still involved with the use of the Ayurvedic drugs, there are certain guidelines that can be followed by the people who want to use it and this will prevent the side effects and complications that could possibly arise out of using a Ayurvedic treatment.

1. Use with prescription: The use of the drug should be done only with the prescription. If you do not have a prescription, then you should get yourself examined by an Ayurvedic physician and then use the medications that are prescribed. Any other method of using the drug will lead to complications.

2. Avoid over the counter products: Over the counter products can lead to various complications, so they should be avoided.

3. Use the drug as an adjunct:
It is always better to use the Ayurvedic medication as an adjunct than a standalone treatment, unless the other treatments are contraindicated for various reasons.

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