There's lots more sun to look forward to this summer which means ice cream, sunbathing and cocktails however to every advantage there's a disadvantage and with heat exposure comes damaged hair. Here are top tips to keep your hair fresh and moisturised.

1) Avoid chemical products
When going out in summer you may decide to dress up your hair. Having hair exposed to the sun causes damage already so it's best to avoid hairspray, gels and other similar products. This season's hairstyles include a high bun or natural waves so if you want to keep your hair trendy there's no need for chemical products!
TIP If like me, you have naturally straight hair; sleeping with wet hair in plaits will give you gorgeous, natural looking waves when you wake up.

2) Always carry a sun protection spray in your bag
A sun protection spray with an SPF factor is very important in protecting your hair from the sun. These can be bought in miniature bottles so can easily be put into your beach bag and will protect your hair from the sun.

3) During the day style your hair so your scalp isn't exposed
It's happened to most of us! Sunburnt scalps are awful as it makes it very painful to brush and wash your hair. To prevent this, and possibly save yourself from spoiling your holiday, simply style your hair so no part for the scalp is exposed to heat. You can do this by putting it back into a bun or ponytail, wearing a hairband or putting the top half of your hair into a clip. Always ensure you have scraped back your parting!

4) Try to avoid hair on your face
Fringes are very difficult to cope with in summer, as while you sweat they tend to get greasy very quickly and need washing more frequently. Try to put your fringe up using either clips or a pretty hairband.

5) Condition hair thoroughly
To achieve properly cleansed hair, ensure you condition your hair after shampooing. Conditioner is to keep the ends from being dry so try to avoid getting it on the top half of your head; just condition the ends. A good conditioner will keep the ends moisturised and healthy without making them greasy.

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