Back in 1964 a 40 year old woman dressed in worn farm clothes applied for admission to the local university's college of literature, science and the arts. This woman who was convent educated and just came from a chicken ranch expressed her intention to become a medical doctor. Before approving her application, the admissions officer got so skeptical that he had to send her to the psychologist.

The spokesman of the university has revealed that ten years after, this woman, this spring, has achieved something which can hardly be paralleled. They emphasized the fact that this woman amazingly raised her 10 kids with her husband as she juggled her school duties especially in completing her degree and doctorate requirements.

An exciting year as an intern at a local hospital, along with a three year residency on internal medicine at an eastern hospital still awaits this lady doctor. A medical career, a full blown one is what she envisions for herself. Twenty five years would be the life span of a medical career but I am resolute to be in this career more than those years.

In 1964, her husband, after operating a chicken farm 145 acres big for 15 years decided to shift to a different form of livelihood and also beckoned his wife to find ways to bring in food on the table. He became the local research laboratory's electronics instrumentation specialist. His wife went to school, but at the same time took a part time job in a blood processing laboratory at the university.

She shares that while many people ask her if her situation was difficult, she can honestly say that she has never found problems with being a mother in a large family alongside studying. We have become more mindful with our money and we just get by with a little. But without me asking, everyone did their part. Bill being a lively father was always helpful while the kids played out remarkable roles as well. Since I don't like cooking, I only handled the dishes. Sometimes I cooked and did the dishes and it all worked out.

As she waited to be accepted in medical school this 3 point 2 achieving premed student enrolled herself in a post graduate biology program. For her, medical school did not only enrich her but her entire family as well. For example, they would get to meet many people in their home, from faculty members to medical students. They learned to respect different people regardless of where they came from thanks to the fact that they were introduced to many people from different walks of life.

Our daughter recounted the time when she was asked about having a mom who was not there most of the time. She told the person that her mother is not just a parent but also her own person. Only two children now remain at home. His 14 year old son is a student at the local junior high school, and another son 17, was just graduated from the local high school. But their 29 year old son who also happens to be the eldest stays in touch as he lives nearby manning a motorcycle sales store. She talks about her medical education and reveals that the one secret ingredient was her ability to embrace the role she took as a doctor without letting go of who she is as a woman. She shares that it was more of personal growth and a duty she had to fulfill and because of all this, she can say that her life is a success.

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