Every individual is unique. So his or her response to emotions is also unique. No theories can ever explain the human mind and its responses. Each one of us has our own share of emotions and fear. Some of us are open and share with others while some keep it to themselves. The truth is that the root cause of all emotions is an underlying fear. The fear can be in the form of being lonely, worthless, failure or losing of loved ones. As we grow up, these fears develop into different emotions in terms of pain, hurt, anger, sadness, arrogance that are reflected in our personality. The more we try to hide, the more they are manifested in our behaviour. These fears or insecurities can affect greatly on a person's personality and as well as the people around him suffer. When insecurities cloak, the person loses his self confidence in whatever he does, therefore, failures and negativity follows. The more he shies away, the greater will be the impact on his life. Emotional insecurity is like curses which will be snatch away our ability to be happy and cheerful. It will cripple us to experience the joy and contentment that life throws on us.

Psychologically, emotional insecurity is a borderline personality disorder. As defined in books, it's a sense of fear, awkwardness that makes the person feel being not good enough, not up to the mark as being expected by him. As a result of which, this fear is manifested in the individual as a low self esteem or strangely as high self esteem and superiority complex. There is no specific cause and cure of such problem. Both the problem and solution lies within us. Off course, there can certain reasons like a disturbed childhood, certain events in life or physical attributes which can result in insecurities. But more or less, every individual do have some sort of insecurity. These fears and insecurities get surfaced when we run towards our goal and success in our life journey. Sometimes, insecurity overpowers when we become obsessive about certain relationships, accomplishments or task. For, each of us, we have our own goals and aspiration in life. We define our own preconceived image of perfection and set our standard of success. Practically, we adopt different methods and means to achieve our image of perfection or success, but our emotional state of mind remains the same. That's where, the trouble arises. An emotionally insecure individual cannot take his flaws or failures easily and at times even collapses. Unable to handle the failures, he will possibly go into a depressed state of mind or perhaps into vices like drugs or drinking. Insecurities trembles him so much so that he starts self doubting and become suspicious of his surrounding and loved ones. Slowly, entire world around him collapses. But in this practical life, an emotionally secured individual normally has a control over his emotions. He can handle his fears, failures and flaws by himself and also with the help of people around him. He may or may not be that successful as per his image of perfection but surely have the sense of fulfilment and contentment. He is able to be happy and cheerful in life.

With emotional insecurity, an individual finds it extremely difficult route. Whatever he does, wherever he goes, his insecurities follow. He would, often exhibit in terms of anger, aggressiveness, self centeredness, hatred, jealousy and conflicting behaviours. This would not only affect him but also the people around him. The worst part is that he is unable to handle criticisms. He would end up being defensive and too competitive. He is vindictive in attitude and tries his best to show this world his image of perfection and success. He may be successful in his materialistic life but emotionally end up being unhappy and sad. His mind would never be able to experience the state of happiness and contentment. The impact is not only on his life but also on his personal relationships. His mind becomes more crippled and complex. Just because of his conflicted state of mind, the relationship with his partner, family, and friends starts crumbling.

The only possible way of getting out of it is self realization. It has to be me; I, who should let go this fear, insecurity and bold enough to face the wrath. In that case, we need to urgently sit back and think. It's my life and my mind. If I don't take control of mind and life, the rest will not follow. There is no gain in hiding my fear or insecurity. The security blanket should come from me myself. We have to break our own mental barrier and move away from self doubting. This is most important because if 'I want than only I can'. There is no person in this world that can make me feel secured if I don't want to. Self acceptance and self reassurance is all we need to move forward in life. We can surely take help of people or loved ones whom we are emotionally attached. We need not be too preoccupied with our idea of perfect image of success. If we do so, we might end up rejecting our own abilities and strengths. Thereafter, we will lose our self esteem and confidence. We need to accept ourselves with all our weaknesses and strength. Building up a positive frame of mind is utmost important. So that whatever we do or achieve in life, we can relish being happy and contented. And when I am happy and emotionally secured, people around me can be happy and secured.

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