Who is a Good Candidate for Natural Breast Enhancement?

Over the last 20 years traditional breast implants have been linked to a variety of women's health concerns. Although the majority of breast enhancement surgeries are safe and successful, natural breast augmentation is an innovative breakthrough in the science of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Patients that have reactions to breast implants like capsular contraction, breast asymmetries or are simply uncomfortable with breast implants now have a viable alternative. Natural breast augmentation also eliminates some of the maintenance surgeries common for patients that choose breast implants. A procedure completed with fat or fat combined with stem or regenerative cells can also work in conjunction with an implant to provide a more natural shape than an implant on its own.

What is Natural Breast Enhancement?

The process of natural breast augmentation is a unique practice in the field of plastic surgery. In the past, fat grafting has been used as an alternative to implants. This is a process that involves using a patient's own fat tissue to reconstruct or enhance the breasts. The incorporation of adipose tissue-derived regenerative and stem cells may increase the success rate of natural breast augmentation. Adipose is simply another word for fat. According to Cosmetic Surgery Seishin, a regenerative medicine center in Japan that specializes in this kind of procedure, "breast augmentation by injection of a woman's own fat has a fat graft survival (retention) of 30% to 50%. In contrast, transplantation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells with its unique mechanism produces a high graft survival of 70% to 80% and allows semi-permanent maintenance of breast conditions after injection." (1)

Why Choose Natural Breast Enhancement or Reconstruction Using Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells?

In addition to the fact that the success rate of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries increases when using this technique, regenerative cell therapy is becoming more popular in the field of plastic surgery because the process is completed at the point of care. No samples are sent to a lab or processed off site. The fat grafts and the adipose tissue-derived stem cells are all part of the patient's body and therefore all that needs to happen is a transfer of the body's own natural materials to achieve the best outcome.

Adipose tissue-derived stem cells or regenerative cell therapy can improve:

-Cosmetic breast augmentation
-Lumpectomies with radiation where reconstruction is preferred
-Treatment of radiation injuries where cells have died
-Buttock augmentation
-Facial rejuvenation and reconstruction

It can also help in any other areas of plastic surgery that require soft tissue replacement. In addition, difficult wounds and burns may be healed with fat injections and adipocyte derived stem and regenerative cell therapy.

A Responsible and Innovative Approach to Patient Health and Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery done with fat and eventually adipose tissue-derived stem cells is the wave of the future, but there are still concerns and any patient considering this procedure should speak with their doctor. Currently the FDA is conducting an evaluation of the use of fat-derived stem cells. Once official guidelines are released physicians and plastic surgeons will more clearly understand the appropriate use of stem cell technology.

Physicians must never stop learning about the conditions necessary for treating patients effectively with regenerative cell technology because its potential for changing a wide variety of treatments is impossible to ignore. In the future this equipment may become mainstream and available in all hospitals. Breast augmentation, facial reconstruction, body contouring and wound healing are just a few procedures that can be greatly improved by this technique. The treatment of myocardial infraction, chronic myocardial ischemia, urinary incontinence and shock may also be improved by regenerative cell therapy.

How to Make a Decision About Breast Augmentation

In order to make the right choice when it comes to breast implants or cosmetic surgery you must speak with an experienced, knowledgeable and board certified Plastic Surgeon. Make sure you have been given all of the options and don't be afraid to ask questions. In the end cosmetic surgery is a huge decision. The way a patient feels is incredibly important to recovery and healing. Choose a cosmetic surgeon/physician you trust and one with whom you feel you can make this important journey.

(1) www.saisei-iryou.com/english/concept/seishin.aspx

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