Walk in Baths

There are several types of walk in baths available for disabled bathrooms. They are usually installed depending on the user's mobility and their bathroom. Walk in baths can be small and compact to fit any space or large and luxurious. They come with easy access doors that allow the user to get in very easily. Contoured slip resistant bath seats may be integrated into the tub so as to allow the user to feel safer whilst taking a bath. Some bath seats will come with adjustable legs so that the user can raise or lower the chair to whatever height they are comfortable with. The bath's door is secure and constructed in such a way as to be totally leak proof. Most walk in baths are usually deeper than traditional ones. The bath may have a side or front entry wide door for safe and easy entry. The door is suitable for both right and left handed users.

Bath Lift

These are also known as powered lifts and are quite helpful in disabled bathrooms. They help to gently raise or lower the user into the bath. Transfer benches help the user to transfer from a wheel chair into the bath's non slip bath seat. Self propelled shower chairs that are similar to wheel chairs are also useful since they allow the user to be self dependent. The powered seat may be raised or lowered by simply pushing a button and uses a rechargeable battery. The bath lift won't work if the charge is not enough to lift the seat up. This helps to make sure that the battery does not run out of charge after the lift has been lowered.

Hydrovescent Therapy

This kind of therapy helps to relieve pressure on joints and muscles. A stream of warm air is allowed into the base of the bath creating lots of bubbles that massage the body. This massage reduces inflammations and improves blood circulation. Water jets are also another option as far as massage is concerned. These therapies can ease pains associated with arthritis, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, sprains, poor circulation and stress.

Steps may be fitted in disabled bathrooms at the correct height to make entering and leaving the bath much easier. Grab rails and poles are usually fitted on the walls or floor for support. They help to minimise the risk of slipping when getting in and out of the bath. Grab rails are poles must always be fitted by a qualified person to ensure that they are safely and professionally fitted. Tap turners make it easier to turn taps on and off and are ideal for users who have a weak grip. They are available in different shapes and sizes to fit different types of taps.

Bath thermometers can help to monitor the temperature of the water to avoid burns. They change colour with the temperature of the water. They also enable care givers to see whether the water is at the right temperature. Bath pillows together with pressure relief cushions can also be used to make the whole bathing experience more comfortable.

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