Cracked heels can be nuisance, apart from being painful and ugly. If you have silk or cotton bed sheets I'm sure you can attest the damage that cracked heels have done to the once beautiful bed sheets. Add that to the fact that the heels can get infected and you will have the attention of many others who care less about their cracked heels. The problem of cracking does not happen to heels alone, it is a problem that is shared by hands as well although very rarely. They start by forming as small cracks which widen and get dirty. They become painful when they become bigger. Most people who wear open shoes have cracked heels.

Due to the fact that dryness is a major cause of cracked heels, treating it will help you get rid of cracked heels. To combat dried skin on heels use a rich moisturizing cream every night before going to bed. Accompanying this with wearing socks will give you better and faster results.

For cleaning and moisturizing procedure first soak your foot in warm water for 15 minutes and then scrub off the dried skin. Then take your feet out and dry them with soft towel, now apply a good moisturizing cream. It's better to add salt in the water to relax your feet. Repeat this activity daily till the time you think over-night moisturizing is enough.

Don't forget to rub your heels with the help of pumice stone every time you go for shower. Rub the sole of the foot to file the dry and dead skin on it. Apply moisturizing cream on well-rubbed heels to prevent them get dried again.

It is a well-known fact that omega 3 is very helpful when it comes to treating cracked heels. Go for foods rich in omega 3 or you can even take omega 3 supplements to cure cracked heels.

Glycerin is a good remedy for cracked heels and when mixed with rose water its ability to treat cracked heels doubles, so mix glycerin in rose water and apply on cracked heels daily.

Olive oil is known for its properties to treat cracked and dry skin. Massaging your feet every night before going to bed with the help of olive oil will help you get smooth heels.

Banana is also known to be good for cracked heels. Applying ripe banana on cracked part of the foot for 10 to 15 minutes daily will help you get your smooth and silk heels back.

If you won't get the desired results after trying any of the above mentioned tips for a certain length of time, don't get disappointed. You can see a professional who will remove all the hardened and dead skin with the help of a process known as Debridement and will suggest a good moisturizing cream according to your skin type. It is also a viable option if you have infected and hard skin on heels that needs much care than can be provided at home.

Applying the above mentioned tips will help you cure cracked heels. Keep in mind, by regular cleaning and moisturizing and applying any of the above mentioned tips will get your soft and smooth heels back which is not only a satisfaction in itself but is also a confidence booster. Think of the time when you go to shop for a new pair of shoes and how embarrassing it is to put off your shoes to try a new pair if you have cracked heels? Think of your visit to your friends place where on a carpeted floor all friends are going bare-footed and you are resisting it to prevent others see your cracked heels? So don't put yourself in such embarrassing situations and go for a permanent solution for cracked heels.

Remember it is a matter of commitment and applying a tip for one day and not repeating it till you get rid of cracked heels completely, won't do you any good. So pay attention and do practice moisturizing and cleaning regularly. Take care of your heels as beauty is not only confined to face and hands; feet deserve the same care and to make sure they get it is your responsibility!

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