If you want to lose excess lbs, it is painless to feel tempted towards following less nobler routes to lose weight including taking up smoking, purging, starvation or over exercising. Yet, whilst most of these methods may offer you efficients and immediate weight reducing, the bulk of these approaches can promote long term dangers to your health, weight loss and mind.

In the following fragment we analyse the 4 most terrible tips to shedding weight

Initiate smoking?

Nicotine as a substance might cause appetite suppression, helping you to burn an additional 2 hundred calories a day by boosting your calorie burn. However should you continue to smoke over the long term, cigerettes can increase your risk of heart disease, strokes and emphysema.

If you are a smoker, there are option routes you can get to help you achieve your weight loss dreams without risk. Exercising extensively for up to thirty minutes a day for example can help you to expel these same 200 extra calories. Whilst consuming 6-8 small dinners a day can help to strengthen your calorie burn and keep your hunger strictly under control.


Witnessed most amongst young girls ; sticking a toothbrush down your throat or taking Ipecac a purging aid to help make yourself throw up is an incredible risky way to lose excess body fat. Aside from triggeringeating disorders such as bulimia, vomitting can cause rotten teeth, gum disease, heart failure and even death.

Working Out Too Much

It is possible to over exercise and experience weight gain. Recent research has found that individuals who over exercise are at high risk of boosting their calorie intake once they get back from the gym. Similarly, exert yourself too much at the gym and you risk becoming tiredor prone to injuries.

Instead of over exercising, aim to separate your workouts into 5 sizable daily workouts with 2 days of rest every week. This will give your body time to recover from the exertion, as well as help to support your metabolism and prevent unwanted hunger.

Starving Yourself

Perhaps the most harnessed bad strategy for losing weight, the risks with starvation is once you give in and eat, it is easy to swiftly put this lost weight back on as your brain thinks it has beaten a famine. Furthermore, make your body endure starvation and this can trigger severe bodily damage, tiredness, disorientation and even death.

If you feel that you need to eliminate nutrients from your diet yourself in order to lose excess lbs, try to go on a 3 day basic fast where you limit your food content to under 1,000 calories per day for 3 days. This will help your body to utilise your fat stores and lose weight healthily. (NOTE: we strongly recommend that you DO NOT try this method).

On the other hand, if you are really struggling to lose fat and jumpstart your weight loss plan, why not consider trying a weight loss pill? Proven fat binders such as Proactol can supply you with the assistance you need to get rid of up to 28% of your fat contentwhilst reducing your hunger levels and lowering your cholesterol in blood.

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