Surrogacy is very popular procedure among tourist visiting India for medical tourism. The cost of Surrogacy in India is very less as compared to cost in US and UK. It is far more reasonable to pay a surrogate, all of her medical care, and living expenses in India than in many other countries. Moreover it is legal and nowadays surrogate mothers are available effortlessly in India. If you are a single, or even a couple that has not conceive or carry a child and want a child in any case then it is the best option for you. Surrogacy abroad in India offers numerous benefits.

Why Travel to India for a Surrogate?

• It is reasonably priced. Approximately, the charge of surrogacy in India is $12,000 and includes the charge of the surrogate, and the medical care. This is just about 1/6th of the cost in the US and other Western countries.

• According to India legislation, gestational surrogate mothers cannot legally keep the baby after delivery.

• Medical care is not different to the US. It is equivalent.

• There are a variety of surrogates to select from as Indian women who don't work love the idea of family, and are very pleased to carry a pregnancy, while providing for their families economically.

• India is well-resourced to provide surrogacy services, as they have broad experience. Professionals and economists have estimated that the industry is a $445-million per year industry. Commercial surrogacy has been legal in the country since 2002, and in one year alone (2010) the country managed 1,500 surrogate births.

• It is available to people of all backgrounds. Many other countries don't give permission single parents or gay couples to use a surrogate so we can say Surrogacy in India is best option for us.

• The availability of young, healthy egg donors and surrogate mothers.

Beginning the Surrogacy Process in India

Before going to India, you need to ensure that you are well-planned and prepared, or else you could find that you meet a legal headache. Make sure that you:

• Know what you will require to bring your child back into the country - sometimes a DNA test is required to prove the parentage of the child. Other times, just having a passport issued for the child is effective. Ensure you know what will be essential of you when returning to your residence country from India. Or else, you may find that your homecoming is really delayed!

• Make sure you're working with a excellence surrogacy agency - a good agency will assist you find a surrogate, complete thorough screening, and help to create all medical and living arrangements. This can permit you to come back during the interim of the pregnancy and know that your surrogate and the baby she is going to deliver are in good hands!

Types of Surrogacy Available Abroad

The most common type of surrogacy in India is IVF surrogacy. This procedure involves the implantation of the embryos into the surrogate. It is the only legal kind of surrogacy in the country, as carrying a baby that shares her DNA can lead a surrogate to seek rights over the child. Genetically, with IVF surrogacy, the child belongs to its own parents only. This knowledge can be a relief for intended parents choosing surrogacy because they don't need to worry about ever losing the legal rights of their child.

It's a big decision to choose surrogacy, and an even bigger one to choose to make it all happen abroad. But, it is a worthwhile process when it gets you the child you've always wanted!

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