There are various causes of heart attacks. There are some people who are suffering from some kind of disease that can lead to heart attacks. These days, the age of the people who are suffering from heart attacks have been decreasing. There are some people who are very young, but still suffer from heart attacks. It is very important to know the reason for the heart attack to occur in a very young age, so that it can be prevented from occurring in more people.

Some of the common causes of heart attacks at a very young age are listed here.

Genetic causes:

Though the age when the heart dysfunction should occur in a person is in the old age, there are many people who are affected by this problem right from a very young age, mainly because of the hereditary reason. The person who is young and suffers a heart attack may be one who is genetically predisposed to such a problem. This is the major cause of young age heart attack.

Diet mismatch:

The diet that a person consumes is another important and common reason for the occurrence of heart attack in a person at a young age. The person may have been fed high calorie diet that has a lot of meat content in it. This coupled with inactivity is a deadly mixture that could have caused obesity and associated increase in the cholesterol levels in the body. This can lead to heart attacks in a very young age. It is very important that the person who is at a high risk of heart attacks needs to have a eye on the diet that is being consumed and make a conscious effort to make the diet better to prevent heart attacks.


The lifestyle of many young people has changed dramatically over the years. The young people are put through a lot of stress. This causes them to suffer from this condition. It has been found that the stress in the life of a person is a major contributor to the risk of heart attacks. Though many people think of diet and inactivity to be the commonest cause of heart attacks in the younger age group, it has been found that the person who is highly stressed is much more at risk of suffering a heart attack. Another important factor about stress is that there are many more people suffering from stress than those who have a diet problem or physical inactivity leading this to be one of the most important causes of heart attack in the young age.

Physical inactivity:

This is one of the other causes of heart attack in young people. Many young people are in a situation where their level of activity has reduced considerably. The reason for this is that there are a lot of entertainment methods that have become popular replacing the various traditional entertainments. People are now on the computer most of the time and meeting friends on the social networks and playing on the social gaming platforms. This has reduced the time available to play outdoor games that are the best physical exercise. This has started causing the person to suffer from physical inactivity, obesity which are high risks for heart attacks in the person whose age is young.

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