The expression of jealously if taken in a positive spirit can do wonders in motivating or in extreme cases it can hurt an individual's feelings. Basically, it is very difficult to take jealousy in a positive sense. So, here are some tips that can help you get over the jealousy spurt and also help you get on with your life.

1. Do not compare yourself to others-
Do not compare yourself to others, especially with the person you are extremely jealous of. If somebody has achieved the same thing which you had wanted to then it is time you use the feeling as a motivation and take it ahead with the zest and positivity and guess what you shall be more perfect than the one who has done the same work before you.

It is important to look back as to what you wish to achieve. Clarify your thoughts and make a systematic plan so that you complete your plan. Do not get frustrated if your plan is not getting executed or if it is getting delayed. Have patience and take the situations in a positive manner instead of sulking over or complaining about it. Stay focused on your plan; do not think of changing it if you are unable to reach to a positive conclusion.

2. Accepting or admitting to the fact that you are jealous about a person or a situation isn't a problem-
The best way to remain positive always is by reminding yourself that you are not jealous and even if you are then admitting about your jealousy is the best way. Obviously, no individual may say that he is jealous. But you are forgetting that the opposite person realizes that you are jealous, so denying won't work because in the end it is you who will prove to be a dunce.

Once you admit that you are jealous, you may begin healing your jealousy which will help you move on with your life. For this you can take the help of elders of your house or talk to your close friends who can help you sort out the problem and help you get rid of the jealousy streak that has seeped in you.

3. Try to focus on what you think is good about yourself-
When you feel jealous then rejection, depression are gloomy feelings are some of the emotional upheavals which you may experience, so in such cases suiciding or hurting yourself will not work. Probably you need to give the situation a though and think who is at fault, if you are the one to be blamed then it is high time you realize that and go on in life, so that the next time you come across any such situation you can tackle it easily and this time with positivity.

4. How Jealousy affects in a Relationship

* Building your self esteem in a reasonable way
* Reducing lifestyle elements which might exacerbate jealousy
* Addressing your possessive or jealous thoughts.

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