Today, teeth whitening have become a huge industry. Not a surprise, considering the association of bright teeth with a person's image. A healthy smile with flashing teeth is something that everybody desires. It not only helps build confidence but also makes one look smarter and younger. However due to our modern lifestyle, it becomes difficult to maintain healthy teeth. Teeth stains are the most common problem faced by most people. Several people have experimented with a variety of teeth whitening methods to achieve that perfect smile.

What kind of stains are to be removed?

Most people use over the counter teeth whiteners that promise quick results. However it should be noted that not all stains are completely external and most extend to the inner parts of the teeth. The teeth bleaching products and kits used by most people are effective only in cases where the teeth stains are due to extrinsic factors like coffee and tobacco and not bacterial decay. In case the teeth are deeply stained other options like porcelain veneers are more effective.

Bleaching kits and laser whitening

Bleaching kits come with a whitening gel and mouthpiece tray that is affixed to the teeth. Most people have achieved satisfactory rate of success after prolonged use of at least two years. More importantly one should always confirm if these products are approved by regulatory bodies like the American Dental Association (ADA) and the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

Another method which is fast gaining popularity is the laser teeth whitening system. In this method strong whitening gel is used along with a special mouthpiece tray. This treatment session typically takes about thirty minutes and is found to be highly effective. The bleaching action is enhanced with the help of laser devices. Light therapy also popularly referred to as Zoom or Britesmile has shown some good results though it's a matter of debate as to how long the effect endures.

Whitening toothpastes are another option that is favored by most. These toothpastes are also effective as cleaning agents owing to their high abrasive content. Results range from impressive to average depending on the frequency of brushing and period of use.

Proper research is a must to ensure safety

There are several other whiteners, however one should choose with caution checking for approvals by the ADA and IADR or with one's dentist. Most products are quite expensive and sold with extensive promotion. It is up to the consumer to verify their authenticity a good starting point being one's dentist.

Professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth whitening method although on the expensive side ensures best results with safety. Some therapies have shown effective results lightening teeth up to 10 shades in a few treatment sessions.

Here are some of the commonly used teeth whitening methods

• Whitening strips
• Laser whitening and light therapy
• Toothpastes
• Bleaching kits
• Gels and paint-on lotions
• Chewing gum

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