Endometriosis is a condition in which the woman is affected and this is a disease that actually decreases of the chances of pregnancy in the female who is affected by this condition. In this disease, there is an abnormal growth of tissues in the uterine walls on the outside. Usually the tissues are present on the inside walls of the uterus and they break down during each menstrual cycle. When the tissues are on the outside walls of the uterus, they too break down, but this causes abnormal bleeding and other than the abnormal bleed, it also causes excessive bleeding.

How endometriosis decreases pregnancy chances:

1. Scar tissue:

As there is increased bleeding from the tissues, there can be scar tissue that forms in various parts of the reproductive system of the woman. This can lead to infertility because the scar prevents the fertilization of the egg. The scar can also be formed repeatedly leading to various damages in the tissues. This is the main reason for the prevention of pregnancy in women who are suffering from endometriosis.

2. Block in pathways:

There are various blocks in the fallopian tube and also in various other paths in the reproductive system of the person. These blocks can lead to lack of movement of the sperms that enter the body of the woman. In normal circumstances, the sperm that enters the body of the woman moves through the reproductive system and reaches the egg and then fertilizes the egg. This does not happen in the woman suffering from endometriosis, where the sperm does not reach the egg to fertilize it leading to infertility.

3. Pain:

The pain that is associated with endometriosis causes the woman to have very great difficulty in the time of pregnancy. The pain may be associated with the scar tissue that is formed in the uterine walls and other areas where the bleeding has occurred. The pain can actually make the woman not want to have a pregnancy at all because if the severity.

4. Weakness:

The condition can also cause the woman to be very weak so that there is no strength left in the body of the woman. Other tan this, the bleeding that has occurred in the person because of the break in the scar tissue, can also make the woman to have severe anemia. Anemic state is a very big contraindication as far as pregnancy is concerned and the woman may not be able to retain the child. A miscarriage can occur along with the bleeding. This can even be fatal for the woman.

These are the reasons for women who have this condition are not able to become pregnant. Actually, there are four stages of the disease and the severity of the disease is taken into account while classifying the condition. The mild and moderate stages can be treated, but if the woman is in the severe stage, then the person will not be able to go through with the pregnancy and will lose the child even if she becomes pregnant.

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