We eat to live and healthy food will ensure healthy life therefore it is very important to eat healthy. Our whole body is dependent on our heart because it is the organ which ensures each body part gets the required blood for it to function well.

Some heart diseases are inborn; some are simply your fault. This fist-sized organ is one of the most important as it pumps blood to the rest of your body. If the heart does not function well, the health of your body will fail. Some of the diseases of the heart include hypertension, whose instances have increased so much in the past few decades that it is an international problem. The causes of diseases of the heart are poor diet options. What we choose to eat will inevitably have an effect on our health, even if not immediately. Whether good or bad, what you eat will affect your heart. Some of the foods that will give your heart longevity are listed in this article.

Nuts are some of the best snacking options for those who cannot stay without having something in their mouths. This means that all those sugary snacks you have been taking have to be left behind for the sake of the health of your heart. All nuts have fats, but they are the good fats that will not line the walls of your arteries and veins. If you have high blood pressure, you need to be preoccupied with reducing the fats in your blood vessels; not adding to them. One of the ways of doing so is snacking on these healthy options. The good fats that nuts bring into your system will reduce the level of bad cholesterol and boost heart health. Always eat fruits if you want to reduce the fats in your heart vessels. They do not have fats and are sugary, just like the snacks you were used to taking. Incase you want to snack, take a fruit instead.

One of the most obvious solutions to your high blood pressure is omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats come from fish and sea food but if you are not a fan of seafood, you can get some alternative supplements that will reduce the level of bad cholesterol by supplying good cholesterol in your system. Good fats will keep your heart pumping at the normal pace. You do not need a lot of supplements, just ask your physician for a prescription for your age and state of health.

Tea is good for the heart, especially green tea due to the fact that it can help the user reduce weight. Weight loss is directly linked to lower blood pressure and less dependency on blood pressure medication. Take a cup of tea every day (without the sugar cubes of course) so as to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your system.

When eating, your first option must be organic foods, nothing less and nothing more. This is a great way of using nature's best to manage your condition. Natural whole meal grains will combat the bad cholesterol as well and help reduce the weight from your body. Once you have reduced the weight, you will have reduced the cholesterol. This will also reduce the blood pressure and you will be in a position to manage your high blood pressure.

Other than the food options given above following tips will help your heart stay healthy:
• Eat balanced and healthy. Remember it is not just about eating it is actually about what you eat.
• Take proper sleep and stay tension-free. Worrying every second will only bring you depression so relax and try to calm yourself down.
• Make schedule and do everything accordingly, this will help you manage your life properly leaving you less worrying about unplanned events.
• Make exercise a part of your life. Remember healthy diet is less useful if not accompanied with exercise. So follow a regular exercise plan.

So eat healthy as this will help you stay healthy and take life lightly and burden-free. Keep in mind more you worry, more tense you will be and more you will be prone to get diseases. So stay happy and smiling to live a healthy life.

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