Calling a child insubordinate, stubborn, violent, or even reckless is not only wrong but also destructive, and sometimes the parent and teachers are the ones doing it. Regardless of how treatable mild to severe hearing loss is according to a physician, the undetected cases in children are behind this ongoing situation. How can this be addressed? Can we use hearing or audiometric tests?

Parents of a two year old who has not learned to talk must have the child examined for deafness, according to an anonymous physician. Below is his report of findings. Imitation is what children use to learn to talk, and parents will see the link between hearing and speech when they realize this.

Up to the sixth month, the infant is only capable of babbling. He will begin to get attention as he uses sounds. As he begins to hear his parents' voices, he learns to distinguish and use only good natured sounds. The speech of those surrounding him is also comprehended. Afterwards, recognizing words and sentences mark the next stage. A strong influence for the progression of speech skills come from parents considering how children learn at different ages. Attention, affection, and pleasant tones of voice are key elements parents need to consider to encourage the progress of a child's speech skills.

Infants may differ in terms of their vocabulary skills, according to the physician who shows the normal pattern for speech development that applies to children. For example, at twelve months, a baby can speak up to three words. Beginning at eighteen months until the age of two, the word count will be from 10 to 250 used in two word groups to short sentences.

Most of the time, testing the hearing of infants will not call for advanced equipment. Having sounds originate out of the baby's sight tells parents that the baby is not able to hear common everyday sounds. Certain sounds like doorbell and telephone rings, footsteps, a ticking clock, and a loud voice from the other room are examples of these.

Do not hesitate to tell the doctor about your baby's hearing loss. Completely deaf infants were diagnosed after undergoing hearing tests. Even if a baby is born deaf, chances are he will be able to hear sounds when the volume is intensified with a hearing aid. Helping babies out are aids for hearing. After some time, a baby will get used to the idea of wearing a hearing aid, and so he begins to grow unselfconscious about them.

Children with some hearing ability do not have to go to a special institution for the deaf, because with the possibility of using hearing aids from the time they were infants, they could grow up with the capability of attending a regular school. Helping children learn in the formative years are these hearing aids which allow them to have the ability to talk with and understand other people as they grow up. Free from shame or stigma, using these hearing aids automatically comes with a new lease on life, an opportunity for these children to live socially fulfilled lives far from the life of silence they were originally born with.

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