There are times when we may have had missing teeth. If this is a problem that we have faced at some point in our lives, then we will know what we did for the condition. There are many people who visit the dentist immediately because it is very important that you get the condition treated as early as possible. There are many reasons for actually missing or breaking a tooth and these could be reasons like accidents or trauma within or out of the house. Teeth can even break during a fist fight that you have with someone.

What is the solution?

If you suffer from missing or broken teeth, then you should try to get a consultation with your dentist. The reason is that if you do not get it seen immediately, there could be a great chance of the dentures not being able to fit in at all later on, especially if the person is older. After a consultation with your dentist, you will be able to ascertain what kind of appliances you can fit into the place from where you are missing a tooth. Usually the dentist will give you one of the two options that are available. You can either have a denture fixed or you can have a dental implant.

The choice

The choice of selecting one of these appliances is obviously yours, but you have to know the pro's and con's of each of these methods of filing in your tooth. The denture is very cheap and that will be your obvious choice if you are very concerned about the immediate cost, but if you think of the long term, there are many recurring costs if you have a denture fixed. The denture progressively becomes loose and this can cause repeated visits to the dentist. These repeated visits cause you a lot of stress other than making you lose time and also money.

So, if you are well prepared to go through with all this, then you will select a denture.
On the other hand, a dental implant may be very expensive in the short term. If you choose a dental implant over the denture to treat your missing teeth or cracked tooth, then the treatment is permanent. You can very much ignore the fact that you had some problem with your tooth. The reason is that the solution is more permanent than other solutions.

The cost of dental implants:

The cost of the dental implant can vary and can be quite expensive. This should not put you off because if you opt for any other kind of treatment, then over the long run, you will be paying an amount that is quite similar to that of the cost of the dental implant. If you are really running short of money, then you can apply for dental implant insurance and if you are eligible for it, you will be able to obtain a loan and you can repay the amount that you got as loan over a period of time.

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